Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Play day with Emma

Well,  today was play day for Emma and me. She came over around 10:30am. Of course, she had to eat first and then take a little nap but after the fun began.

She was in a good mood when she woke up so decided to have a photo shoot. Here is her debut as a baby model.

Emma in her tutu..future ballerina

Play gym time

Talking to the octopus

Too cool for a swim today
So this is how my Wednesday was spent. Wouldn't change it for the world, though.  She is only this age once and will be grown before you know it.

Rughooking and sewing saved for another day.



  1. Holy Cow.... that's way to Cute!
    What a wonderful way to spend the day..

  2. My goodness she is getting so big. How fun is dress up with a lil' girl!

  3. How fun to spend a day with Emma. That is what I need. Does your jaw hurt from smiling? I love her in that tuu tuu. Keep sharing pics of her as she grows!

  4. Oh what sweet cheeks she has!!!! Love that red bathing suit with cap! A bathing beauty!

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  6. Yes Ginger, dress up is so much fun. Can't wait until she can do the choosing. Betty, thank you. I do think she is beautiful too. Sharon, I just love her little chipmunk cheeks. Looks exactly like her Mamma did when she was that age. Constance, I don't think I have quit smiling since she was born. She is such a joy!!!

  7. Cute!!! all the girly stuff. Is that the tutu you made? You are right to enjoy her now 'cause they do grow up quickly. Keep posting some pictures of her along so all can watch her grow. Love to all