Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!!

It is Sunday evening and I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter Sunday with family and friends. We spent the day the Ashlee, Dominic, Emma and my Mom. 
My Mom, me, Emma & Ashlee - 4 generations
Dominic, Ashlee, Emma & Gigi

I made brunch food - a fresh asparagus quiche, broccoli quiche, bacon, fruit salad, and of course, biscuits and gravy. Mom brought some lemon-pumpkin muffins that were delicious. Ashlee made sugar cookies with pastel M&M's.  Needless to say,  we did not leave the table hungry.

In true Oklahoma tradition, when you want the weather to be nice so the children can enjoy Easter egg hunts and such, it rains!  Of course, no complaints from me, because we so needed the rain.  It lasted most of the day. At times it was nice and slow and then it would start pouring, but any kind of rain was more than welcome here.

So Emma's Easter egg hunt was in the living room floor.  She had a great time and enjoyed biting each thing she pulled out of her basket.

Emma finally gave up!!
Nick spent the Easter holidays in San Juan, Puerto Rico with Ellena, Alex and the boys.  Friday and Saturday spent at the pool and the beach. Today went to a Easter Brunch at the Caribe Hilton. The picture he posted on FB of the desserts he ate sure made me want some.

Tax season was officially over on April 18, so last week I did some "me" things. I finished hooking a rug for Emma for Easter. Also finished the hooking part of the "House Blessings 2010" rug from Laurie of LJ Fibers. I am really pleased with the way it turned out.  Still need to bind it though. That is my least favorite part of rughooking.

Emma's Easter rug
House Blessings 2010
Wishing everyone a wonderful week ahead. I hope to spend some time in the garden this week. 



Sunday, April 3, 2011

Moving Day...Thrifty finds...Emma

Happy Sunday afternoon!!! It is sunny and windy with a temperature of 90 degrees.  Wow!!! Tomorrow is supposed to be cold again. Supposed to be 37 in the morning. This weather just can't seem to make up its mind.

Last week was busy and this week promises much of the same.  Headed to the office later this evening to work so thought I might try to update my blog this afternoon.

Ginger and I spent all day Saturday moving our booth at the antique mall to the front window. It is about 2 1/2 feet larger with more light and more customer exposure.  We must have had more stuff in our original space than we thought, 'cause just when it seemed we were done, more would appear.  Danny, Ginger's hubby, helped us move the big stuff and set it back up in our new spot.

He helped hang our new sign, too. Of course, he had to hang it twice 'cause I thought I could just stitch the letters on the quilt piece with it hanging. Not was hard to do standing on a ladder that did not seem very sturdy... so I gave in. He took it down..Ginger and I stitched the letters on and he hung it back up. 

He is such a good guy. He spent all day with us arranging and rearranging. He even bought us lunch and then came back in the afternoon for more moving. We finally finished at 6:30. Here are pictures of our new booth. We really, really like our new space!!!!!!!

 Last Wednesday I took my Mom to the airport and before heading back to work I went to the thrift store close to the office.  Here are some cool things I found. Only one thing was over a dollar. Some of my treasures will be used in the fall, but I couldn't pass them up for 99 cents or less.

 I also received a package in the mail last week from Joanne .  She had read in one of my blog posts about looking for army blankets. She sent me a green wool army blanket, a large blue wool piece, popcorn and the some granola thins with dark chocolate. Well, I ate one package of the granola thins immediately. It was so good. She said she got them at Costco, but no Costco here so will have to look elsewhere. It was such a pleasant surprise. She and the other women in our group, An American Primitive Gathering, are always sending RAKs. (Random Acts of Kindness). It always brings a smile knowing someone was thinking of you.
As you know, I also take care of Emma during the week. She is 8 months old  and quite a handful. She is crawling everywhere and pulls up to stand wherever she can. She has been practicing her balance, so before long she will probably be taking that first step. Then the fun begins. She is hard keeping up with now while crawling. Imagine I will need to put my running shoes on from then on. She dislikes being put in her car seat to go somewhere, but insists on it being on the floor to play in.

 She does fall asleep in it occasionally, but usually only about 10 minutes.

  She is trying new foods now too. She will munch on raw broccoli and carrots. Bananas and apples. I was eating a mandarin orange and she wanted a bite. She managed to break the skin and get a little of the pulp. 
 I did finally finish a hooked rug that I started at the Star of Texas Rug Camp in Tyler, Texas last May.  "Old Thyme House" is a pattern from Star Rug Company. Maria Barton was the teacher and I learned some new techniques and had a great time. I'm not able to go this May, but hope to go next year. I have not put the binding on it yet, but at least the main rug is finished.
I also finished a cross stitch freebie from Betty of Primitive Bettys. I had never cross stitched over 2 threads, so when I went to the Lenexa hook-in in February, Betty was kind enough to give me a lesson. I will have to practice more because I am sure I missed one or two on this, but I still like the way it turned out. I stained it with walnut ink crystals and put it in a frame I found at the thrift store for 49 cents.  It came with its own little easel.
 I am working on a rug for Emma for Easter, It's the Peter Rabbit rug that Ginger hooked and showed on her blog awhile back. 

Well guess I better finish this up and do a little housework. Wishing everyone a great week and hope the spring weather is just around the corner.