Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Three Days of Fun!!!!!

I'm back home from three days with the girls. I had an awesome time and lots of fun.

We started out on Friday morning and headed to Gore, OK for the Fin & Feather Resort 26th annual craft show.
We stopped in town and ate at Garden Gate Tea Room. Homemade chicken salad and tomato basil soup was the special and it was delicious. After lunch we headed to the craft show. We spent the afternoon walking around looking at lots of crafts. The weather was beautiful...sunshine, cool breeze and 75 degree temperature.
Found some things I just had to have, mostly Halloween decorations.
Enjoyed a cold glass of lemonade and then headed down the road to our final destination for the weekend...Western Hills Guest Ranch for "Quilters PowWow". Arrived in time for dinner. Unloaded our car and then went to the evening program. Cynthia Regone from Houston TX was the speaker and she had some beautiful quilts.

I didn't have a class until Saturday afternoon, so I spent the morning stitching on a project I had brought with me. My Saturday afternoon class was called "Jake's Quilt". An easy "I spy" quilt. And yes, it is very easy. I have done an "I spy" with the hexagons template and it was NOT an easy quilt. This one is super easy and really fun to do. Here is a picture of the teacher's quilt.
I got one row completed and the rest of the pieces cut out. I will work on it this winter when the weather is cold. My friend, Shirley and I went for an afternoon walk and came upon some deer grazing. They let us get pretty close to them before they ran away.The rest of the weekend was spent sewing and enjoying time with friends. Sunday morning we took our yearly picture.This is most of the PM Quilters group in Central Oklahoma Quilters Guild. We had lunch and then all headed home.

It was a great weekend and fun was had by all!!!

Hope everyone has a great week. Enjoy the nice autumn days. The weather has been absolutely wonderful here. They are talking even cooler weather and rain later in the week, but still need some rain.


Sunday, September 20, 2009

Saturday started out with rain, so no mowing the yard. Instead I went to the farmers market to look for pumpkins. No pumpkins yet, so I came home with lettuce, tomatoes, eggplant and basil for that pesto I have been wanting to make. The afternoon cleared off, but decided to work in my sewing room. I have had this cabinet in a room at Jeff's office, so I decided it needed a new sewing room. I spent the rest of the day moving and reorganizing my sewing room to accommodate the old kitchen cabinet.

Today,Sunday, no rain, just wonderful sunshine, nice temperatures and cool breezes. A perfect day to go on a road trip, so Jeff and I headed out this morning to Shawnee, about 30 miles east of Oklahoma City. I had read an article in last weeks paper about a family farm where you could pick your own pumpkins. Since I hadn't found any at the farmers market, thought I could pick my own. Well, we got out there and the posted sign said opening postponed until Sept 25 because of muddy conditions. I really wanted some pumpkins for fall decorations, so guess I will have to wait until next weekend. We decided to drive into Shawnee and came upon the old train depot. We walked around the grounds and I took some pictures. The train depot is now a museum, but it was closed.

There was also the first log cabin built in Shawnee that had been moved to this same location.

We continued driving down Main Street and saw several antique stores, but nothing open on Sunday. Just getting ready to head home when we came upon this.So, we parked and went in. It was packed to the ceiling with stuff..clothes, DVDs, books, you name it, they probably had it somewhere. I figured nothing would catch my eye, so we went thru pretty quick. Right at the end, I came across these two items.We got home around 2pm and Jeff decided to mow the yard and I pulled weeds in the garden. It was a beautiful day to be outside. I started putting fall decorations around the yard and then sat down and watched Jeff remove two yellow-jacket nests from the eaves of the house. They had been there most of the summer. The yellow-jackets were not happy with him, but no one got stung. Now you can walk on the front porch and not worry about being stung.

This is the only sewing I did this the car on the drive to Shawnee.
So time to get a little more sewing done before it gets too late. Wishing everyone a great week ahead. Enjoy your time with family and friends whenever you can. Be sure to let them know how much you love them, too. Until next time.....


Sunday, September 13, 2009

Rain and more rain!

Well, it has been raining all weekend, so it gave me no other option but to stay in the house and work on my unfinished project pile. Mind you, I am not complaining, we so needed the rain.

Saturday afternoon, Jeff and I attended a friend's daughter's wedding. The bride was beautiful, of course. We had dinner in the evening at Johnny Carino's, an Italian restaurant. Food was good. We came home and watched football games together. So while watching TV decided to do some rughooking. This is my latest hooking project, BITTERSWEET PUMPKIN, by Blackbird Designs.

I hope to finish it this year since I have hooked the year already.

Today, it has continued to rain so I cleaned the house a little bit..felt guilty for letting it go for so long. Here are some of the other projects I did some finishing on. This one is a wool penny rug, "Halloween Happenings" by Country Stitches.
I need to put a binding on this runner. It is also a wool applique by Notforgotten Farm called "Autumn Jack". I stitched it on black prairie cloth and then machine quilted around the wool appliques. This last one is a sample I am doing for Country Collections for the upcoming fall show, "An Affair of the Heart". It is in the book "Autumn Gatherings" by Lisa Bongean & Carole Charles. Acorn and Oak Leaf RunnerSo that is what I have been up to this weekend. I have enjoyed sewing and handstitching while looking out my window at the rain. Makes for a nice day.

Have a great week and enjoy the weather. Fall is almost here and soon the leaves will be changing. I can't wait! This is my favorite time of year.


Sunday, September 6, 2009

Happy Labor Day!

Well, Labor Day is here and that means cooler weather is coming. The leaves will turn beautiful colors and fall to the ground. We will be celebrating Thanksgiving and then Christmas. Where did the summer go? It seems time flies by way too fast the older you get.

I spent Saturday with my husband, Jeff at the annual Arts Festival at the local community college.
We spent most of the morning walking thru the tents and looking at all kinds of art - jewelry, photography, oils, watercolors, metal sculpture, pottery, woodwork, and furniture. I bought some wooden Christmas ornaments for my daughters.

After doing all that walking, we were famished, so we headed to the "Gourmet Village". Their name for the location of the different food trailers.
First we shared an Indian taco, then roasted corn on the cob, and finally kurly fries. All healthy food...LOL, but it's a holiday so you can eat what you want.

Of course after all that eating, we had to sit and rest, so we spent the afternoon watching the entertainment. First was Spanish Flamenco dancing performed by a local dance group from Norman OK. Very lively and fun to watch.
We then heard some different bands.. first was Oklahoma Traditional Music Group. They played violins, harmonicas, and keyboards. They played bluegrass and gospel music. Next was Alter Ego...classic rock. Last was a band called Full Circle Band. They played classic rock n roll and I think Jeff enjoyed that one the most. It looked like rain while we were enjoying the entertainment, but I only felt a drop or two. We left around 5pm and went to the local frozen custard shop for dessert. We finally headed home around 6pm and watched the football game - University of Oklahoma vs Brigham Young University. It was a close game. OU did their best, but Brigham Young came out on top.

I got up this morning and had my Starbucks coffee -- iced Pumpkin Spice Latte. My favorite flavor that is only here in the fall..the barista said it will be available until the day after Thanksgiving. Then I went over to my daughter's house and planted some fall flowers before it got too hot. Came back home, checked email and decided to update my blog. So that is it for my holiday weekend.

Hope everyone has a great holiday and stays safe. Enjoy time with your family and friends. Happy Labor Day to everyone!!!