Sunday, September 20, 2009

Saturday started out with rain, so no mowing the yard. Instead I went to the farmers market to look for pumpkins. No pumpkins yet, so I came home with lettuce, tomatoes, eggplant and basil for that pesto I have been wanting to make. The afternoon cleared off, but decided to work in my sewing room. I have had this cabinet in a room at Jeff's office, so I decided it needed a new sewing room. I spent the rest of the day moving and reorganizing my sewing room to accommodate the old kitchen cabinet.

Today,Sunday, no rain, just wonderful sunshine, nice temperatures and cool breezes. A perfect day to go on a road trip, so Jeff and I headed out this morning to Shawnee, about 30 miles east of Oklahoma City. I had read an article in last weeks paper about a family farm where you could pick your own pumpkins. Since I hadn't found any at the farmers market, thought I could pick my own. Well, we got out there and the posted sign said opening postponed until Sept 25 because of muddy conditions. I really wanted some pumpkins for fall decorations, so guess I will have to wait until next weekend. We decided to drive into Shawnee and came upon the old train depot. We walked around the grounds and I took some pictures. The train depot is now a museum, but it was closed.

There was also the first log cabin built in Shawnee that had been moved to this same location.

We continued driving down Main Street and saw several antique stores, but nothing open on Sunday. Just getting ready to head home when we came upon this.So, we parked and went in. It was packed to the ceiling with stuff..clothes, DVDs, books, you name it, they probably had it somewhere. I figured nothing would catch my eye, so we went thru pretty quick. Right at the end, I came across these two items.We got home around 2pm and Jeff decided to mow the yard and I pulled weeds in the garden. It was a beautiful day to be outside. I started putting fall decorations around the yard and then sat down and watched Jeff remove two yellow-jacket nests from the eaves of the house. They had been there most of the summer. The yellow-jackets were not happy with him, but no one got stung. Now you can walk on the front porch and not worry about being stung.

This is the only sewing I did this the car on the drive to Shawnee.
So time to get a little more sewing done before it gets too late. Wishing everyone a great week ahead. Enjoy your time with family and friends whenever you can. Be sure to let them know how much you love them, too. Until next time.....



  1. That is a great cabinet! Your day trip did turn out to be fun & you found a couple of sweet treasures. Do you already have plans for the cheese box?

    Wonderful Fall decorating too... now you just need to top it off with those pumpkins! :)



  2. That cabinet is perfect for your sewing room, will keep all you accessories and fabrics in one place. Love your yard decorations, good idea to use old wood ladders.


  3. Sounds like you & hubby had a fun road trip. Cute flea market finds. The cabinet looks great for your sewing room. And the stitcheries you did are wonderful. More rain is supposed to be heading this way, so guess you should get lots more sewing done. You have such busy hands!!Pumpkins will surely be available soon.

  4. Betty,

    I am going to rughook something for the top of it and then probably line the inside of it. It was only $4 and it is a big box..15 inches in diameter.

  5. Great finds! Glad you had a good time on your road trip. I need to head off that direction on a Saturday and see what all they have! Your fall decorating is looking good.

  6. I just got all caught up on the last few's so cool to see what y'all have been up to. Your pictures always look great! I hope you enjoyed the weekend!