Wednesday, April 28, 2010

So at some point......

I do have to clean the house. It seems like it has been ages since I really, really cleaned the house. I mean I HAVE run the vacuum and dusted in the last 6 months. Cleaned the bathrooms when they needed it and kept the dishes washed up in the kitchen. But I have not done some deep cleaning in quite awhile. So today I started...been at it for a few hours and think I might be done for the day...LOL. I have finished one room, actually the front bathroom, the one that no one really uses much..but it is now spic and span in case company comes over. I figure it might take me more than a day to get the whole house done. You know, I have to stop and check emails, check blog posts, go outside to see what's going on, check the flowers, come back in and decide I would rather be hooking or sewing. So I think I am done for today. There is always tomorrow.

Over the past couple of months I have been working on some projects so I will show you what they are. First I go to the Prairie Quilt in Hennessey, OK for Saturday Sampler once a month. Here are my finished blocks so far:

 I finished up two challenges from An American Primitive Gathering group I belong to. First one was an adaptation by Kelley of an antique quilt block design.
 Second one was a background challenge by Maria Barton of Star Rug Company. She drew up a pattern and then challenged us to use a background color we had not used before.  I chose mustard. We received wooly worms of the color we chose from all who participated in the challenge and used them in our rug. It was a lot of fun and I think I might choose to do mustard or a light background again soon.
I finished the little stitchery this past weekend while at a women's conference with my Mom.

I also finished a quilt top for my daughter, Ellena. Just need to piece the back together and quilt it. Hopefully, it will be finished when she and the boys come in June.
 And last, I have two rughooking projects I am working on.The first one is a pattern one of the ladies in our rughooking group gave me. She wasn't going to do it and I thought it would be fun to use all my leftover worms.
The second is the 2010 LJ Fibers Rug project. I have almost finished the first part. Laurie sent out an email this week that the second part should be here sometime next week.  I haven't hooked anything this big before, but it is going to be beautiful when I finish it. The dots on the rug are straight pins marking places I need to fill in a little bit more.
Oh, I almost forgot. We had a swap on AAPG of textured wooly worms. These are the worms I received.  Aren't they wonderful! I love the colors and the textures. Can't wait to use them in a hooking project!
Well, I guess I better get back to doing something besides sitting in front of the computer.  Think I will hook a little on my penny rug.  I hope everyone is having a great day.  The sun is shining here, but we are having wind with gusts to 40mph.  Weatherman is talking about rain tomorrow evening.  Enjoy your day whatever you may be doing.


Sunday, April 25, 2010

What have I been doing??????

Wow, it's been over two weeks since I posted anything, so here goes....

Tax day, April 15th finally arrived and we were in pretty good shape. Got most of the tax returns done and filed by 8pm. No going to the post office this year at midnight.  We did file quite a few extensions, but that is normal for us.  Always something to do.

Friday, April 16 - Ashlee went to StorkVision and had a 4D ultrasound of baby girl, Emma(she has already picked a name). Here is one of the was amazing....she's beautiful. They also received a DVD. Little Emma kept playing hide and seek, though. She would put her hands up in front of her face. They did finally get a picture of her face.

I went with Ashlee to her doctors's appt on April 21. She was having the glucose test and didn't want to sit by herself for an hour.  The doctor was also going to check her thyroid again. She had some issues at the beginning of her pregnancy. Well, glucose test was OK, but thyroid was low again, so she has to start taking medicine. We are praying that everything will be OK with baby, Emma.

April 22, Thursday -- I drove my Mom and her friend, Marlene to Joplin, MO to a women's conference at Ozark Christian College. We first drove to Carthage, MO to the Precious Moments Chapel.

 Marlene, left and my Mom, Verna Mae

It was a very interesting place to see. We drove back to Joplin and checked into our hotel.  The conference began on Friday morning with speaker, Suzette Brawner.  Lunch break, my Mom and I went to Bittersweet Quilts, a quilt shop in Spring Town, MO. Lots of fabrics and some wool. I bought a block of the month wool applique quilt pattern and a few fat quarters. Headed back to the conference. Another speaker in the afternoon, with workshops and then dinner. We headed back to the hotel around 8:30pm. Several ladies met in the dining area and played card games and watched the NBA basketball game - OKC Thunder and LA Lakers. These women were very amusing. Like a bunch of young teenagers having a slumber party. I think fun was had by all.  We went back on Saturday for workshops and a final session with speaker, Suzette.  I enjoyed spending time with my Mom and her friends. We headed home Saturday afternoon with one stop in Muskogee OK to visit my Mom's brother, Eddie, who had been hospitalized while we were in Joplin. He is doing OK. It was good to see him. He was smiling and in good spirits, even though he was told he had early Parkinsons. We said prayers with him and then headed home to OKC.  Arrived around 9pm.

Today, Sunday, was spent working in the yard with Jeff. He mowed and I cleaned out the front flower beds.  Finally finished around 3pm.  He treated me to a taco and hot fudge sundae.  Figured I had worked hard enough to deserve Will be going this week to get flowers to plant. I think it is more late freezes.

It has been a great day and now am ready to relax and work on some stitching.  I will post in the next few days things I have been working on for the past month.

Have a great week and always wear a smile and tell someone you love them.


Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter!!!

It is a beautiful day here in Oklahoma.  Looks like spring has finally sprung.  We had some rain Friday morning, but the weekend looks to be a gorgeous one.  I am heading to the Farmer's Market this morning to see what they have.  This afternoon will be spent outdoors working in the garden.  I am ready to get my hands in the dirt and plant some new flowers.
The week has been busy at the office. Another two weeks and I can relax some.  Still have 1st quarter reports to do. 

I hope the people up Northeast are getting some relief from the rains and floodwaters.  It seems like we have really had some unusual weather this year everywhere.

Wishing everyone a good Easter weekend. Enjoy time with family and friends.