Friday, March 25, 2011

More Treasures

Working late tonight at the office with Jeff and waiting for him to finish so decided to do a quick posting.  Won't have any pictures because I don't have my camera with me.

On Wednesday,  I spent a wonderful day with Ginger and Sandra. We met at Country Collections. Ginger did a little shopping while she was there. We left around noon and had lunch at Del Rancho...the home of the Steak Sandwich Supreme. We each ordered one and ate the whole thing, but we didn't order french fries.

We went to an Army surplus store looking for army blankets. They had some but they were gray and really,  really thick. Not what we were looking for so we left and headed for the thrift stores.

First store, I found some pictures frames. Sandra bought a red wool skirt and I can't remember what Ginger bought.

The second store I found three wood croquet  balls, a wall basket, couple more picture frames, some children's books, and a twin bed headboard. Ginger found some picture frames, baskets, blue glass bottles, books, and a headboard. We are going to make signs with the headboards. 

So that was our fun Wednesday. I had to head home around 4pm to take care of Emma while Ashlee went to her evening class.  

Will try to post pictures in a day or two. Guess I better get back to work...


Friday, March 18, 2011

No work day Friday!!!!

Another rug from Lenexa
Yay....It's Friday and I don't have to work. Jeff had to go to a meeting in Austin, TX today so no reason for me to go to the office. I took him to the airport this morning and will pick him up this evening.  The day was all mine to do whatever I wanted.  Even Emma had plans..she was spending the day with her Momma and Poppa. Ashlee's last day of spring break before classes resume next week.

My friend, Sandra, had go pick up her sewing machine at the Bernina store, so I went with her and we spent the rest of the day shopping. Our first stop was Savage Quilter quilt shop. I bought fabric to make Emma a pair of bloomer pants. Sandra bought a quilt book...Table Toppers by Fons & Porter. We also went to Joann's. I bought the flower basket for Ashlee and the blue fat quarters for March theme for AAPG.
Fabric on left for Emma's pants
We stopped at several thrift stores and I did manage to find some things I couldn't live without.   First find were some old wooden oval  frames.  I am going to use one of them for a Halloween witch wool applique. Can't remember the designer but will let you know when I make it.

Sandra stopped at Horn's Seeds to buy onion sets, black-eyed peas, tomato plants, and pepper plants. I am so ready for spring. I hope to have a garden this year, but haven't really started working the area where I want it. With tax season, not too much gets done until after April 15. I did buy a grapevine ivy for my office though. Need some green and clean air there while I am working.  We stopped for lunch at Jason's Deli before heading down the street to the next thrift store.

 At the Goodwill store I found a green metal box that will be good to put a punch needle on top.

At the next store I found several pictures frames with glass. I use them to frame stitcheries and wool appliques. Prices range from 49 cents to $1.98 being the most expensive. Good prices for frames with glass.  Some small tin loaf pans for pincushions and an small old muffin tin. The feather tree was 99 cents.

At another thrift store I found an old wooden painting easel. Thought Ginger and I could use it in our booth to display things on.  Not sure what to do with the white wooden stool, but it was only $1.48
 The box of lace up blocks will be for Emma when she is a little older. Didn't appear that it had ever been used...99 cents!!!!

This purse had beads missing, but still lots were on it. My sister-in-law, Danna, does beadwork and is working on a crazy quilt for her sister. I thought she might be able to use some of them.
Purse with beads $2.00
Well, I think that is all of my found treasures. Sandra only found a small whisk to use to mix up her dyes when she dyes wool. She said she really didn't need anymore junk.  We missed having Ginger with us, but plan on doing this again soon and hoping Ginger can come.

Of course, I have to post pictures of Emma. She was my little leprechaun yesterday all dressed in her green top and shamrock pants.
She practices standing and then letting go. Going to be walking soon
Such a ham!!!
She likes to stand on her tiptoes
She was playing music for me
Well, better finish putting things away. Will be headed to the airport to pick up Jeff in a couple of hours. Wishing everyone a great and warm weekend!!!! Sunday is the first day of spring and the weather is supposed to be super nice here.


Thursday, March 17, 2011

Been gone too just gets so busy!!

Well it has been three months since I have posted on my blog. I hope to get back to blogging on a more regular basis, but time will tell.

I had a wonderful Christmas holiday with family.  Nick was home for 3 weeks and we all had a great time together.  He got to spend lots of time with his niece, Emma.

January arrived and tax season began. Ashlee (daughter) has been working with us for the last 3 years and has decided to go back to school to become a dietician.  I told Jeffrey I could work in her place (what was I thinking, I am supposed to be retired) but really I don't mind.  He is pretty good about letting me off when I want.  I still go to rughooking once a month and even get to go thrift store shopping with Ginger and Sandra. Just not as much computer time as I used to have though to blog and talk with my ebay group.

February came and I went to Lenexa, KS for the Rock Creek Hook-in with Ginger and Sandra. We left on  Thursday, Feb 24 and came back on Sunday. We stopped in Americus, KS to see Betty's new studio. It is awesome!!!! If I can find the pictures Sandra sent me I will post some. Betty did a great job painting and decorating. A nice cozy place to spend the day stitching and rughooking.

Betty's Studio

The hook-in was great. We saw JoJo and met Chelle, both members of AAPG(an ebay group I belong to). Lots of vendors and great wool and rughooking patterns  to be had. I said I didn't need any more wool or patterns, but there were a few pieces of wool and patterns that called my name so I just had to buy them....(( - :
Wool & Patterns & Yarn & Cross Stitch

One of the patterns I bought
Already the middle of March and I am wondering where the last two months went.  Nick was home for spring break and just went back to DC last Wednesday. Had a nice visit and even the weather wasn't too bad. He got to get in a motorcycle ride while he was here. Emma had a great time with her uncle. He was amazed at how much she had changed since Christmas.

I share an antique booth space with Ginger and so my time for creating is usually late at night and on the weekends.  After April 15, maybe things will slow down a little.

I keep Emma (granddaughter) during the week, too. She is 8 months old and has been crawling everywhere and already trying to walk. I told her she just needed to wait a couple more months for that milestone, but I don't think she is listening to me.  She and I spend time at the office together while Ashlee is in school.

Emma  - February 14
Emma playing with Stormy
Well that's about all I can remember for now. I guess that is why I should post at least once a week. My memory isn't what it used to be. 

Happy St Patrick's Day!!!!