Monday, March 29, 2010

Happy Monday!

The Bradford Pear trees are showing their white flowers and today was our first really nice day outside with warm temperatures and a light breeze. However, I spent most of it inside working.  But that's OK. Soon I will be able to spend more time outside.

March has flown by and soon it will be April 15th. Tax season deadline will be past and maybe more time to spend at home instead of the office. Still first quarter reports and such to get done, but hope to have a week of fun before starting again.

Jeff and I worked a couple of all-nighters last week.  I think I survived them better than he did. I like to stay up late, late. Seem to get more things accomplished. Anyway, when I wasn't helping him I was working on some projects I have started. First is a very, very easy "I Spy" quilt. Got each block sewn together; now just need to sew the blocks together and then I will have the top complete.

 Also got this one put together...a kit I bought last summer.

I also got to pull some loops on my latest rughooking project.  It is the 2010 LJ Fibers Rug project. Almost finished with the first part. The next part should be here sometime in April.

A couple of weeks ago Linda of was giving away some hooks she had found to hang hooked rugs. Well, I won!  Yes, I was so excited. Well, today when I got home the hooks and some beautiful wool had been delivered by the postman.  Thank you, Linda so much.  I have never seen any hooks like that, but know they will work great to hang my rugs. The wool bundles are beautiful and can't wait to use them in my next applique project. You are the best! 
I also have been working on two challenge projects from the group I belong to, An American Primitive Gathering. I finished the background challenge on a hooked rug by Maria Barton and almost finished the antique quilt pattern challenge by Kelley. I can't post pictures right now, but will do so when it is OK.

Well guess I better get back to work.  Hope to pull some loops before heading to bed.  Have a great week and enjoy the weather and time with family and friends.


Saturday, March 20, 2010

First day of Spring....Snow

Happy Spring!! I am sure there are places where the sun is shining and it is warm and spring has sprung.  Here in Oklahoma, we are still celebrating winter, at least for another day or two.

My week was busy with office work and time with my Mom. Her routine colonoscopy was Thursday, so I drove her to the hospital for the procedure.  Doctor said everything looked great, no polyps and so she doesn't have to do this again unless problems arise. She was happy!  She was still quite woosie so we got sandwiches to go from Schlotsky's and ate lunch at home.  We spent the rest of the afternoon visiting.  She had a huge pile of baby clothes she had found on sale, so we picked out a few outfits for Ashlee's baby-to-be. 

This diaper cake was given to Ashlee from the people where Dominic works. Isn't it darling!!!    
Today, I am participating in our monthly AAPG online retreat.  The theme is baskets and blooms. I have a few projects in mind and will post pictures later. Nine of us participated in a wooly worm swap of as-is textured wool.  Sent mine in the mail this morning and can't wait to get some back.
Well, second round of March Madness is about to start, so better get my stitching stuff ready, so I can sit and enjoy the games. 

Just got a text from Nick, my son in Washington DC. He said the weather is beautiful there..sunshine and temps near the 70's. So wherever you are, enjoy the day.

Have a great weekend.


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tuesday Rughooking Day!

Today was rughooking get-together at Country Collections.   Seven ladies showed up to hook the afternoon away.

Here are some rugs that were finished by two of the ladies.

Kay hooked pumpkin head on a stick, a design by Among Friends. She bought this at the Lenexa hook-in.  Laura, in the background, is hooking a Halloween black cat's head on a stick, from the same designer.

This is a pattern by Emma Lou Lais. Kay started hooking it last month and finished it for this month's meeting.  She is our over-achiever hooker. She always brings something finished to every monthly meeting.

The next three rugs were done by Ann.  She really wanted to go to the  Lenexa hook-in but had already booked a cruise to the Western Carribbean.  She is planning on going with us next year though.  She hooked all three rugs in about a month.  Said she got on a roll and couldn't quit.

The heart rug is hooked from all the extra worms from previous projects.

These rugs are patterns she had for awhile. She decided she better get them hooked or give the patterns away.  She only hooks one project at a time, so she was a pretty busy lady!

I started a new hooking project. I signed up the the 2010 Rug Project from LJ Fibers. I received the first part and will post a picture later when I get more done on it.  Think it is going to be a really pretty rug.

We hooked, told silly stories about things that had happened to us, and laughed and laughed some more.  Before we knew it, the afternoon had passed and it was time to go.  Everyone packed up their stuff, said good-bye and we all headed home.  It was a great day together and look forward to next month's get-together.

Talk to you later.....


Monday, March 8, 2010

How fun is this!!!!

It's been a rainy Monday.  Rained most of the afternoon and then the sun came out long enough to see it set in the west.

Well, I am posting some pictures of little girl stuff for the new granddaughter that will be arriving around July 15.

First, my good friend, Ginger, presented me with these darling little socks for her. 
Aren't they adorable? 

I went shopping with Ashlee a few days ago and here are two outfits I bought for baby Emma. At least that is the name Ashlee has chosen for now. It may change, but for now that is what I call her.
I couldn't resist the yellow onesie with the tutu.  She is going to look so cute.

A friend surprised her with these two outfits after she found out it was a girl.

I can tell you now, this is going to be one spoiled little girl.  Can't wait for her to arrive.

Ashlee has been looking at different nursery themes and colors. No decisions yet, but I can't wait to start making baby quilts and stuffed animals.

Well, that's all for now.  Have a great week.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Yeah for Saturday!!!

Well, Saturday finally arrived.  After traveling to the Lenexa rug hook-in last weekend, the week started out busy and stayed that way.  Haven't had much time to post with tax season really beginning to get super busy.  Jeff (husband) decided to do an all-nighter on Thursday, so I stayed at the office with him and worked on some sewing projects.



Friday I stayed home and did some house cleaning and baking -  banana  bread and lentil soup.

Today, fixed breakfast and then went to the office to get some bookkeeping done.  We worked 'til around 12:30pm and then had lunch and ran some errands.
Jeff brought me home and went back to work.  I have been hooking on a challenge rug and watching basketball.

The sun came out for a little while, but is now gone and the clouds have returned.  Weatherman said rain is headed our way in a couple of days.  At least it's not snow!!!

Wishing everyone a great weekend.


Monday, March 1, 2010

More rugs from Lenexa hook-in and trip to Liberty, Missouri

Thought I would post some more of the beautiful rugs we saw this weekend at the Rock Creek Hook-in in Lenexa, KS.


Well hope you enjoyed the rugs. They were awesome in person..lots of very talented ladies.

Now for our Saturday afternoon jaunt to Liberty, Missouri.  Our first stop was Corbin Mill Place on Water Street.

Housed in this building are several shops.  First stop was Old Mill Stitchery.  Beautiful cross stitch samples everywhere.  I bought a couple of patterns from Notforgotten Farm.

The next shop was American! Whatever..primitive hooked rugs and wool owned by Sandy Williams.

Oh my, the walls were cover from the top of the wool bins all the way to the ceiling with hooked rugs.
   Loved the colors in this rug.
 This rug is a design from Woolly Fox.  If you look at the sheep's face, it appears that his looking straight at you or looking at the moon. Very cool!
This one is a Lori Brechlin design.
Just a sampling of the beautiful rugs that were hanging in this shop. 

The wood bins were full of all colors and textures of wool. 

We spent about 3 hours here and then headed to Rhonda Manley's, Black Sheep Wool Designs studio.  We arrrived there and were greeted by Rhonda and her husband.  What a great studio!  We were so overwhelmed by the studio and wool and rugs that none of us took pictures. So I guess you will have to use your imagination. We spent about an hour picking wools and left again with more WOOL.  Saturday evening we spent in the lobby of the hotel with other rughookers, talking and laughing, hooking on our rugs or doing needle punch.  We all said our good-byes that evening. Some were leaving early for the airport, others leaving to do some last shop stops before heading home.  
We left Sunday morning around 9am. We drove to Wichita, Kansas and stopped at a couple of antique stores that had been recommended to us. Here are the treasures I couldn't live without.

We ate a late lunch at Applebee's and then set out for home.  We arrived in Oklahoma City around 7pm.  Sandra and Ginger had to unload their treasures and head for home.   

 So we had an awesome weekend and made lots of new memories.  We are looking forward to next year and talked about leaving on Thursday instead of Friday.  Decided we could use an extra day of checking out more new shops(-: )

Have a great week.