Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tuesday Rughooking Day!

Today was rughooking get-together at Country Collections.   Seven ladies showed up to hook the afternoon away.

Here are some rugs that were finished by two of the ladies.

Kay hooked pumpkin head on a stick, a design by Among Friends. She bought this at the Lenexa hook-in.  Laura, in the background, is hooking a Halloween black cat's head on a stick, from the same designer.

This is a pattern by Emma Lou Lais. Kay started hooking it last month and finished it for this month's meeting.  She is our over-achiever hooker. She always brings something finished to every monthly meeting.

The next three rugs were done by Ann.  She really wanted to go to the  Lenexa hook-in but had already booked a cruise to the Western Carribbean.  She is planning on going with us next year though.  She hooked all three rugs in about a month.  Said she got on a roll and couldn't quit.

The heart rug is hooked from all the extra worms from previous projects.

These rugs are patterns she had for awhile. She decided she better get them hooked or give the patterns away.  She only hooks one project at a time, so she was a pretty busy lady!

I started a new hooking project. I signed up the the 2010 Rug Project from LJ Fibers. I received the first part and will post a picture later when I get more done on it.  Think it is going to be a really pretty rug.

We hooked, told silly stories about things that had happened to us, and laughed and laughed some more.  Before we knew it, the afternoon had passed and it was time to go.  Everyone packed up their stuff, said good-bye and we all headed home.  It was a great day together and look forward to next month's get-together.

Talk to you later.....



  1. Looks like you gals had lots of fun. Thanks for sharing the pictures of all the hooked items. :)Ginger

  2. What a great day - hooking and laughing with friends!

  3. That Ann was sure a busy lady! Three rugs so quick! Wow! Looking forward to seeing your LJ Fibers rug in progress... it sure looks like a real nice project!

  4. It's so much fun looking at all those rugs. I'm just getting into hooking and I'm finding everyone I meet absolutely wonderful. And I'm finding out how much I like hooking!

  5. Hooking day with friends is so much fun. I love seeing what everyone is doing. Love the pumpkin head on a stick and the patriotic sheep. Such fun..

  6. Lots of fun rugs, loved seeing them.