Monday, March 29, 2010

Happy Monday!

The Bradford Pear trees are showing their white flowers and today was our first really nice day outside with warm temperatures and a light breeze. However, I spent most of it inside working.  But that's OK. Soon I will be able to spend more time outside.

March has flown by and soon it will be April 15th. Tax season deadline will be past and maybe more time to spend at home instead of the office. Still first quarter reports and such to get done, but hope to have a week of fun before starting again.

Jeff and I worked a couple of all-nighters last week.  I think I survived them better than he did. I like to stay up late, late. Seem to get more things accomplished. Anyway, when I wasn't helping him I was working on some projects I have started. First is a very, very easy "I Spy" quilt. Got each block sewn together; now just need to sew the blocks together and then I will have the top complete.

 Also got this one put together...a kit I bought last summer.

I also got to pull some loops on my latest rughooking project.  It is the 2010 LJ Fibers Rug project. Almost finished with the first part. The next part should be here sometime in April.

A couple of weeks ago Linda of was giving away some hooks she had found to hang hooked rugs. Well, I won!  Yes, I was so excited. Well, today when I got home the hooks and some beautiful wool had been delivered by the postman.  Thank you, Linda so much.  I have never seen any hooks like that, but know they will work great to hang my rugs. The wool bundles are beautiful and can't wait to use them in my next applique project. You are the best! 
I also have been working on two challenge projects from the group I belong to, An American Primitive Gathering. I finished the background challenge on a hooked rug by Maria Barton and almost finished the antique quilt pattern challenge by Kelley. I can't post pictures right now, but will do so when it is OK.

Well guess I better get back to work.  Hope to pull some loops before heading to bed.  Have a great week and enjoy the weather and time with family and friends.



  1. Wow you have been busy! All your projects are looking great and I'm sure a special lil' boy will enjoy the I spy Quilt! Congratulations on receiving the hooks and wool.

  2. Those trees are beautiful. Love the things you have been working on.


  3. You have been so busy! The quilts looks great and your rug is coming along so fine! It really is good tax season is behind us (mostly) now we can spend time thinking of happy things! :-)

  4. You've been keeping yourself really busy with so many different projects. Kudo's to you! Love the trees. It really puts me in such a good mood, and later this week it's supposed to be really nice out. Can't wait!
    congrat's on winning the giveaway! And can't wait to see your challenge projects!!

  5. Whew - I got tired reading your post - You don't stop do you? Love your projects! Can't wait to see the "secret" ones

  6. Congratulations on your winnings. Those hooks look very interesting. I even like the card with the rabbit. That would hook.
    I made an eye spy quilt 11 years ago for my granddaughter. Yours looks great along with your other projects. You been busy.