Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Three Days of Fun!!!!!

I'm back home from three days with the girls. I had an awesome time and lots of fun.

We started out on Friday morning and headed to Gore, OK for the Fin & Feather Resort 26th annual craft show.
We stopped in town and ate at Garden Gate Tea Room. Homemade chicken salad and tomato basil soup was the special and it was delicious. After lunch we headed to the craft show. We spent the afternoon walking around looking at lots of crafts. The weather was beautiful...sunshine, cool breeze and 75 degree temperature.
Found some things I just had to have, mostly Halloween decorations.
Enjoyed a cold glass of lemonade and then headed down the road to our final destination for the weekend...Western Hills Guest Ranch for "Quilters PowWow". Arrived in time for dinner. Unloaded our car and then went to the evening program. Cynthia Regone from Houston TX was the speaker and she had some beautiful quilts.

I didn't have a class until Saturday afternoon, so I spent the morning stitching on a project I had brought with me. My Saturday afternoon class was called "Jake's Quilt". An easy "I spy" quilt. And yes, it is very easy. I have done an "I spy" with the hexagons template and it was NOT an easy quilt. This one is super easy and really fun to do. Here is a picture of the teacher's quilt.
I got one row completed and the rest of the pieces cut out. I will work on it this winter when the weather is cold. My friend, Shirley and I went for an afternoon walk and came upon some deer grazing. They let us get pretty close to them before they ran away.The rest of the weekend was spent sewing and enjoying time with friends. Sunday morning we took our yearly picture.This is most of the PM Quilters group in Central Oklahoma Quilters Guild. We had lunch and then all headed home.

It was a great weekend and fun was had by all!!!

Hope everyone has a great week. Enjoy the nice autumn days. The weather has been absolutely wonderful here. They are talking even cooler weather and rain later in the week, but still need some rain.



  1. Glad you had a good time on your trip and found a few halloween goodies to bring home! The quilt looks like it would be a fun one to make.

  2. So nice to read about your fun filled days with the girls :)
    A quilters pow wow sounds like so much fun!

  3. It looks like you had lots of fun and got lots of goodies.


  4. What a great way to spend a few days away - Lots of fun and goodies!

  5. The pics are GREAT! That does look like the way to go for an I SPY quilt. Was that a baby bed in with your Halloween goodies?
    Glad you had so much fun.

  6. Yes, Sandra, that was a baby bed. When I picked up Shirley on Friday, she had it on her front porch for Goodwill. So I told her I wanted it. Picked it up when we came back from the weekend. Cool, huh.

  7. well, I am sure you will do something fun with the baby bed...or is there a baby in the future at your house????? A baby in it would be fun...right?
    Guess you are enjoying all this cool wet weather...I know I am.

  8. No baby in the future as far as I know. I will probably use it for wool storage. It isn't very sturdy so don't know if I would put a baby in it anyway.

  9. Cool pics, but I wanted to see one of the road that you almost couldn't cross...did you not get any of that?

    Have a great week!