Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!!

It is Sunday evening and I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter Sunday with family and friends. We spent the day the Ashlee, Dominic, Emma and my Mom. 
My Mom, me, Emma & Ashlee - 4 generations
Dominic, Ashlee, Emma & Gigi

I made brunch food - a fresh asparagus quiche, broccoli quiche, bacon, fruit salad, and of course, biscuits and gravy. Mom brought some lemon-pumpkin muffins that were delicious. Ashlee made sugar cookies with pastel M&M's.  Needless to say,  we did not leave the table hungry.

In true Oklahoma tradition, when you want the weather to be nice so the children can enjoy Easter egg hunts and such, it rains!  Of course, no complaints from me, because we so needed the rain.  It lasted most of the day. At times it was nice and slow and then it would start pouring, but any kind of rain was more than welcome here.

So Emma's Easter egg hunt was in the living room floor.  She had a great time and enjoyed biting each thing she pulled out of her basket.

Emma finally gave up!!
Nick spent the Easter holidays in San Juan, Puerto Rico with Ellena, Alex and the boys.  Friday and Saturday spent at the pool and the beach. Today went to a Easter Brunch at the Caribe Hilton. The picture he posted on FB of the desserts he ate sure made me want some.

Tax season was officially over on April 18, so last week I did some "me" things. I finished hooking a rug for Emma for Easter. Also finished the hooking part of the "House Blessings 2010" rug from Laurie of LJ Fibers. I am really pleased with the way it turned out.  Still need to bind it though. That is my least favorite part of rughooking.

Emma's Easter rug
House Blessings 2010
Wishing everyone a wonderful week ahead. I hope to spend some time in the garden this week. 




  1. Awww what a fun first Easter for Miss Emma and doesn't she look darling in her Easter dress and cute shoes.
    Have a wonderful week and hope you enjoy time in the garden!

  2. A very Happy Easter it is when there are babies around! Emma looks like a sweetie pie in her Easter dress! So glad you got some rain... now the gardening can begin! Tomatoes, anyone? :-) The rugs look fabulous!

  3. What a wonderful celebration! Love the generation picture :).
    Emma is too precious. Loved her little outfit. Your rugs are wonderful also. Way to go on finishing them up! Can't wait to see what is next :)

  4. Your rugs look great. Emma is adorable in her Easter outfit. It looks like a good time was had by all. And those deserts just look too yummy!!! Hope you're having a good day after!

  5. Enjoyed reading your blog today. Yes, that Emma is quite the cutie pie. The rain did put a damper on the outdoor egg hunts but they can be fun inside, too and we really needed the rains we received. I put some money inside plastic eggs for my little Lucas to hunt for in his house. He got his piggy bank and poked every coin & dollar bill in. Little ones are just so fun ~ they make every celebration special. I am so thankful for my all my grandchildren. Emma's rug sure turned out cute ~ she is sure to treasure it. Can tell you and the family had a very blessed Easter (but know you were missing Nick). Have a good week and keep up your blogging. :-)

  6. Happy belated Easter wishes to you all! :)

    Your rugs looks wonderful! I'm glad you are past tax season & can get back to crafty fun!

  7. Love seeing the 4 generation picture, and the rugs you made. I'm trying to get "caught up" checking out my favorite blogs. Had to be sure to visit here.

    Happy Birthday, soon! :)