Sunday, September 11, 2011

Well, I said I wasn't going to get behind on my blog posts, but alas, I did.  My last post was around Easter time, so it has been awhile.  

Summer was very, very busy and oh so hot!!!! Ashlee decided to take some classes in the summer, 12 hours to be exact,  so Emma and I spent a lot of time together.  It was great, although we spent a lot of time inside because of the heat.  Oklahoma had 61 days of over 100 degree weather so being outside was not an option most of the summer.  We are also experiencing a very dry summer. Very little rain has fallen and the lakes and ponds are really drying up. September has brought us cooler temperatures, but not a lot of rain yet. The fair starts on Thursday, September 15 and it usually rains during that time so maybe we will get some much needed rain.

I also had surgery on my right knee for 2 meniscus tears and some cartilage repair. I spent 8 weeks in physical therapy and am doing better, but still working on getting more range of motion and flexibility.

My Emma turned 1 on July 13.  I can't believe a year has past since she was born. . She started walking at 10 months and has not slowed down since.  I see her 3-4 times a week and she is growing so fast even now.   She repeats words you say to her and even makes up some of her own. Here are some pictures of her I took this summer.

July 4th

Miss Hollywood

1st Birthday
So this little girl kept me very busy this summer and still continues to do so.  I love every minute of it and wouldn't change a thing.  

So until next time, wishing everyone a great week ahead.



  1. Emma is just adorable and she sure is getting big! Glad to see you blogging again...glad we were able to take a few trips together over the summer. Enjoy your week :)

  2. Good to hear from you Patijane! And good to hear you are getting better! Thanks for sharing pics of Emma with us... she's such a cutie pie!!!

  3. Oh wow - Emma at one year - that is hard to believe - she's so cute! Glad your knee is getting better! Good to see you blogging!

  4. No way... 1 year old already??? Where did that year go???
    She is absolutely Precious :). Imagine what you would have missed if you would have been posting on your blog all this time!
    Time well spent :) Glad your knee is getting better. Need to keep up with that little one..

  5. Emma is a doll. Don't they bring joy.
    Hope that knee is completely healed.
    Fall is here, get out there and have fun.