Thursday, September 15, 2011

Truman Lake Rug Show and Hook In

Last weekend Ginger and I took a road trip to Warsaw, Missouri to a hook-in sponsored by Saltbox Primitive Woolens.  It was their first hook-in and I do believe it was a huge success!!!!! Ginger and I definitely helped their economy.

We left Friday morning and made a couple of stops along the way.  In Tulsa,OK we stopped at the Silver Needle. A wonderful needlework shop. We bought a few patterns. We ate lunch in Tulsa and got back on the road to our destination.  Well almost, we had planned one more stop in Rogers, Arkansas. A nice little quilt and rughooking shop called The Rabbit's Lair. We browsed the shop, bought some fabric and patterns and then headed north to Warsaw. Well, we did see a Braum's ice cream store as we were coming into town so we HAD to go back and have ice cream before we hit the road!!! To save time, we went thru the drive-thru and then again headed north to Warsaw.

We arrived in Warsaw about 6pm, found our lodging for the night and then went to locate the Community Center where the hook-in was going to be on Saturday. It faces the Truman Lake and was a perfect spot for a hook-in. Wanted to make sure we could find it easily the next day and not waste anytime ((-:  We found it, decided where we would be parking the next day and then went to supper at the Rusty Skillet, a little cafe on Main Street.

When we arrived back at our lodging for the night, no parking places to be found close to our room. There were trucks with boats behind them everywhere. Men walking all around with tackle boxes, etc. To make a long story short, we decided this was the lodge for all the fishermen. Needless to say, we only saw one other lady. So we went to our room, barred the door and hoped it would be quiet. We did get a good night's sleep and woke up ready to go.

The hook-in was awesome!!!! Some great vendors were there: Wendy Miller of The Red Saltbox, Maggie Bonanomi with her new book, Anita White, Melissa Towne, Shawn Williams of Threads That Bind, Need'love, Vicki Hardcastle, and Primitive Stitches. That is all I can remember but I'm sure there were 2 or 3 more.  Anyway we had a great time there and in the afternoon we went shopping around the town at antique stores.  Headed home to OKC about 3pm and arrived safe and sound. 

I took pictures of some of the rugs on display at the show so here they are:

Wendy Miller pattern I bought
This rug is a self portrait
These were some of the rugs on display in the rug show.  Lots of beautiful hooked rugs!!!!

So that was my weekend.  Have a great Thursday.  Today is the first day of our state fair and the weather has turned cool with possibility of rain.  Go figure!!! 



  1. Looks & sounds wonderful! Wish I could have tagged along... but maybe next year. :)

  2. Sounds like another fun trip for you two. Love hook-in's, you see such great rugs and all that goes with them, then the vendor's are always a good thing. And best of all you meet so many "hookers" nothing could be better. I am so excited to say I am taking a class with Maggie B. this coming April. Love all that she does.

  3. We sure had a great time! Have fun at the fair it's a perfect day to go :)

  4. Patijane, Thanks for sharing the pictures from the Truman Lake Rug Show and Hookin. I LOVE the "Seasons" rug (with the snowman)! Sounds like you had a great time.

  5. You and Ginger always have the BESTEST road trips! Wool and ice cream... two of my favorite subjects! lol!

  6. Oh Patijane - sounds like an awesome adventure you and Ginger set out on! Glad you did some wool therapy there too!

  7. I'm in awe of your rugs! They are stunning! You are so talented!

  8. Wow, there are so many rugs there. Glad you enjoyed yourself (and acquired some new stash). Hope you've got lots of ideas now!