Thursday, September 29, 2011

Happy Trails Rug Camp!!!!

Well the day has finally arrived and we are anxiously awaiting for our rug campers to arrive!!!

I arrived at Ginger's to finish setting up.  Of course, she had already done a lot of it. She has outdone herself. Her gathering room is simply gorgeous.  Words can't describe it!! A perfect place to have a gathering of any kind.

Frank & Ginger

Well ladies are starting to arrive so guess I better close and get ready.

Oh, and here is my Miss Emma exploring the garden. I am sure gonna miss her.

Keep watching for more camp happenings!



  1. Have fun! Well, I know you will! I really am sad that I couldn't make it. Take lots of pictures - update FB - and update your blogs! :)

  2. You lucky lucky gals! wish I could have come! Give that Frank a squeeze - always loved him on TS! joanne

  3. Thanks Pati for all your hard work....I couldn't have done it without you! Miss Emma is just as cute as can be :)