Sunday, September 19, 2010

Oh, the fun we are going to have!!!!!!!!

Well, it is after 11pm and Ginger is too busy punching to update her blog so I will update mine.  We have had a great Sunday. Our day started around 8:30am.

We found this little coffee shop and enjoyed green tea and fresh, out of the oven, blueberry and morning glory muffins. YumYum!!!!  The morning was nice and cool so we sat on the porch with the cat.

We left there and went back to downtown Fredericksburg to check out the stores that we missed on Saturday. We visited a shop called "Dream On" that had old fashioned embroidery patterns on tea towels and pillow shams. Of course, we both bought a pattern or two.  We walked around for another couple of hours and decided to get some lunch before checking in for rug camp.  We ate at "Wheeler's Restaurant"  which claimed to have the best burger in town. But we did not have a burger. I had the German plate..bratwurst, German potato salad, sauerkraut, and red cabbage. Ginger had homemade chicken and dumplings with a huge slice of cornbread. It was all good and we left feeling very full.
Looking outside from Wheeler's Restaurant
We stopped at the grocery store to get some things for lunch during the week and then headed to the hotel. We got our room keys and moved all our stuff from the car to the room.  It took about 5 The luggage cart was in use and we didn't want to wait for it. We settled in and got our stuff unpacked and rested until time to meet our teacher.

Well, needless to say, this class is going to be the most fun ever!!!! Frank is a very interesting person and has so much enthusiasm for teaching. His rugs are awesome and after listening to him tell us about what we were going to do and learn, Ginger and I were ready to start right then.
Someone is going to win this painting at the end of class
Frank wastes nothing. Showing pincushions made out of snippets
We went shopping in the camp store and found some patterns and other useful goodies we couldn't live without. Back to the room and started gathering our wool and stuff for class tomorrow.  We can't wait..I know it will be hard to go to sleep.

Will keep you posted on our doings and let you know how many projects Ginger got finished in one day (( - :

Have a great week and will keep you posted.



  1. Love that Frank! He does have a lot of enthusiasm... Enjoy your time, and I hope one of you win that picture!! The town looks so nice out of the window where you ate.

  2. Looks like fun - Is that Frank from Trading Spaces? I bet he is a funny guy. Can't wait to see more pics! SUE

  3. Patijane, it sounds like you are already having fun! Can't wait to hear (and see) all about it. You two have enough fun to cover the rest of us!!!!

  4. Expecting to see lots more pics soon. You two are having so much fun. (and yes, I guess I should have made up my mind to tag along!) Learn lots & come home with lots of ideas.
    Love you both...

  5. Yes, Sue that is Frank from Trading Spaces. He is one funny man. We have had a blast and this is only the first day.

  6. Sandra, we tried to tell you to come with us. We knew you would wish you were here. You want us to sign you up for next year? Miss you!!!