Saturday, September 18, 2010

Fredericksburg, Here We Come!!!!!!

Well, Saturday morning finally arrived and it was time to hit the road again. is packed and ready to head out for the Star of Texas Rug Camp in Fredericksburg, TX.  I left home around 5:30am to pick up Ginger at Wayne, OK for our long-awaited trip.

On the way we stopped at a festival called Trade Days of Fredericksburg. It said lots of antiques and primitives and crafts. It looked like a promising stop. 

After walking thru five long, barns,  we left with a few treasures, but the whole thing was quite a disappointment ) -:

In the first barn, I bought a wooden bobbin for $1.50 and a child's small quilt for $12. The quilt was an alphabet sampler and in good shape. Ginger bought a wooden masher, a small melting pot, and a baby bib.

The rest of the barns were mostly jewelry, clothes, and market stuff. Not what we were expecting from what we had read on the website.  Oh well, live and learn.

We drove on into Fredericksburg and stopped at Stonehill Spinning. Really nice yarn and rughooking shop. Of course, we couldn't just look. I bought a couple of pieces of wool, some wool yarn for the class with Frank, and a piece of hand-dyed linen. Ginger bought a few things too.

We left there and ate Mexican food at a placed called Hilda's Tortillas.  Drove back to downtown Fredericksburg and walked around for a couple of hours.

We found a Dairy Queen and had a medium dipped cone. It was good, but we both decided next time to get a small ( - : 

We are checked into our room for the night and are planning what we will do tomorrow.

This is going to be a great week and lots of fun.

We will keep you posted thru out the week as to what we are doing.

Have a great Sunday!!!!



  1. Have a great time. Learn a whole bunch.
    Don't do anything the Warsaw group wouldn't do. That leaves you lots of room for fun.

  2. Wish I could be smooshed inbetween some of that luggage :). Have a wonderful time you two!!!!! Can't wait to hear more!

  3. What a nice getaway. Hoping you both have a fantastic time.

  4. Have fun at Fredericksburg! The moss patina on that one building looks pretty kewl! Love the hooked rug! :-)

  5. I just posted on Ginger's blog... that you two always have so much fun together! :) It sure would be nice to tag along with you both sometime. Have fun! I know ya will! :)

  6. Are you sure you packed enough stuff? Good thing you have a large SUV. Well, you packed a lot of fun for sure!! Keep posting pics.