Saturday, September 18, 2010

Thursday was Fair Day!!!

Thursday was the first day of the State Fair and it was Dollar Day. My sil, Danna, had entered her first quilt and so we headed out in the evening to see if she won a ribbon. Sure enough, she placed 5th in her category and she was on cloud nine. This was something she had always wanted to do and finally did it. 
Danna's Quilt
Next we went to the pumpkin carving contest. 
Headed outside for a bite of corn. 

 Emma was enjoying the ride.
 Checked out a few more buildings and watched the sunset.

It was a great evening to be at the fair and we all had a great time together.

Have a great weekend.



  1. what a fun time! Congrat's to Danna and her quilt!! That's what makes the Fair's so much fun, when people put there things in. So much more to look at. She must be thrilled to have won a ribbon :).
    Emma looked like she was having a fun time too. I bet she got lots of oohs and aaahs with people walking by.. And what a beautiful night sky. And end to a perfect day!

  2. What a fun time you all must have had at the GREAT STATE FAIR OF OKLAHOMA!!!! Glad Danna won a ribbon on her beautiful quilt. And that little Emma soooo cute! Can tell she is really growing & getting cuter every day.