Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The fun has begun!!!!!

Well our first day was wonderful. We started the day with breakfast and then headed to class.
The lids on the jars to the left is one of our projects

Frank showed us what we would be doing..a flower, a sewing book, and jar lid. He gave us the cloth we would punch on and we started drawing our designs out.

Frank showing how to hoop the fabric
Started on the flower and then progressed to the sewing book.  Oxford punch is not as hard as I thought it would be. I finally got the hang of it by the afternoon.

Ginger working on her jar lid

 We had a fun-filled day with lots of laughter and fun, but it did not end at 3:30pm. 
Frank showing how to finish the jar lid
We left to go  to Walmart to get supplies to make a jar doll that Frank had shown us. We ate dinner at Dairy Queen..no dipped cones though. We had a small blizzard instead. We headed back to the hotel to get our stuff together and head back to the classroom for some evening fun.  Frank was hooking on a rug project he had to finish by Friday. Ginger and I started on our dolls.  They turned out so cute, very primitive and will post pictures tomorrow. We stained them with coffee, vanilla, and tan Rit dye. For now Gladys Alma and Harriett Louise are hanging  in our closet upside down to dry.  Now some of the other ladies want to dolls so when we left they had started their dolls.

Back of my sewing book and flower
Back of Ginger's jar lid
Back of Ginger's sewing book, another jar lid and flower  
Tomorrow will post pictures of our finished projects. Will be starting on our sheep basket.  It is so cute and can't wait to punch it.  


  1. I NEED to see more!!!! You are sharing the inspiration & I need to know more details, PatiJane! :) It looks like some of your punches are on monk's, but some are on linen. Is that right? Also, it looks like some of your punch fiber, if not all, is actually wool strips. Am I right? Everything is looking GREAT! Jar lids, dolls, and sewing books! WOW!

  2. Looking forward to seeing the girls...Gladys Alma & Harriett Louise. Can tell you are learning much and having fun at it. Keep me posted.