Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Last 3 weeks!!!!!

Who I have been spending most of my time with
Well, the last 3 weeks have been busy, busy. My last post was rughooking day. Lots of things happening since then.

Nick came home from Peru and spent 5 days before heading back to DC for his last year of school. He will graduate in May 2011.  He became an Uncle while in Peru and so Emma was anxiously waiting to meet him.
Most of her time with him was sleeping, but when he is home at Thanksgiving, I am sure there will be lots of playtime.
My niece, Marissa, turned 18 while Nick was here and we celebrated her birthday at BJ's in Norman. We had a great evening visiting with family and friends.
Papa and Emma enjoying the birthday party
Marissa and Ryan
Marissa, Nick and Ashlee

For Father's Day, Jeff and I decided to get one of those easy set above ground pools. It took us about 3 weeks to get it set up, but we did finally get it operational and it has been very relaxing in the evenings. Nick decided to use it while he was here and thought Stormy might like to go for a swim.
Nick and Stormy..don't think he wanted to go swimming
A few days later we had another party. Don't you just love parties!!! Nick would be leaving for DC so had a cookout with family. Nick cooked the steaks and they were awesome.  We ate way too much, as usual.
Looking at pictures from Peru
Ashlee came back to work on August 23 so I have been spending most of my days taking care of Emma.   It is a hard job, but someone has to do it (( - : 
Of course, I take lots of pictures while she is with me..asleep, awake, crying, laughing, playing. She is so much fun!!!!

Poppy and her spend time rocking in the chair that rocked her Mama Ashlee and Uncle Nick.
Poppy wore her out!!
Mama and Emma after a day at work
So that is where my time is being spent most days. Late in the evenings I have been trying to do some rughooking, quilting, or applique. I think if I didn't have to sleep I could get a lot more accomplished. 

The weather has turned a little cooler and I am so ready for fall to begin. Wishing everyone a good Labor Day and enjoy some time outdoors.



  1. Patijane, what a gorgeous family!!! How preciouis that little one is. Enjoy every minute you get with her :)

  2. She is gorgeous! And it was time well spent! SUE

  3. Such a beautiful lil' girl Emma is and loved seeing all the different pictures. She is growing so much.
    Had a great time yesterday with you and Sandra looking forward to doing another crafting fair!

  4. Emma is a beauty! She also makes some great faces... one can only imagine what she is thinking! :-)

  5. Emma is a little wonderful that you get to spend so much time with her...thanks for sharing your special family photos with us...