Saturday, September 25, 2010

Star of Texas Rug Show 2010-Fredericksburg TX

As promised here are some of the rugs that were brought by the ladies who attended camp. Quite a variety of rugs were in the show and all were awesome!!

The eyes on the pumpkins were dimensional with buttons added on top.

Ginger's rug
Great Halloween rug!!!

 Well that's all for now. Emma is coming over this evening to play so I need to finish finish some laundry and housework before she gets here. Will post the rest late this evening or tomorrow. 

Hope everyone is enjoying Saturday. It is a little warm here but still nice enough to be outside. I did work in the yard earlier today after running errands which included a stop at a thrift shop. Found some neat stuff. Also bought my pumpkins,pansies, and mums. 

Will work in the yard tomorrow and get it spruced up for fall. Just love this time of year!!!!!!!



  1. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing 'em all! :)

  2. Great rugs! It was nice seeing a different color version of the tulip cross pattern! Love all of those pansies, pumpkins and mums... I with you at it being the best time of year! Enjoy it!

  3. Wonderful rugs and designs.
    I love rug shows, but we rarely get them here.


  4. Those pics of the pumpkins & pansies make me want to get to the garden center to get mine. Now that the weather is cool, it sure is time to get outside and enjoy.