Saturday, September 25, 2010

More about camp!!!!!

Well, camp ended on Thursday afternoon. We packed all our stuff into the car and still had room to spare.  Believe it or not, we didn't buy too much wool.
 We said our good-byes to Frank and everyone in class and headed north around 2pm.
 We let Harriett(Ginger's GPS unit)pick our route so we didn't have to drive thru Austin, Waco and Dallas traffic. Harriett took us on the scenic route and we saw lots of great countryside. We went thru a couple of towns we decided we would have to go back and visit. We made a stop at Dairy Queen for our last dipped cone since Oklahoma does not have Dairy Queens anymore. Danny picked up Ginger at the Paoli exit and I headed on to Oklahoma City, arriving home around 11pm.

Ok, so for the rest of our time at camp.

Class was from 8:30am to 3:30pm each day. After the evening program most of us would go back to the classroom and work on various things until 11:30pm or so. Frank was always there, too.  Ginger and I would  then go to our room and stay up until 1:30am and work on things. One night we stayed up until 2:30am. We just couldn't go right to sleep after all the creativity and fun we would have with the other ladies and Frank.

Tuesday: Before class, Ginger and I walked to the coffee house to place an order for the Morning Glory muffins she had to take back to Oklahoma. On the way we spotted at house that said "PIE". We decided we would come back after class was over to check it out. 
We went inside and the smell of pies was wonderful. There were three rooms with tables to sit at and eat your pie. We looked at the quilts, signs, samplers and other treasures to purchase before having pie. Now for the decision of what kind of pie....I got a slice of coconut cream pie to eat there AND a slice of cherry pie to go for later. Ginger had a slice of coconut cream AND a slice of pecan pie to go. We decided that would be our breakfast the next day. After pie, we went walking around downtown some more and found a few more treasures we couldn't live without.

Tuesday night, one of the teachers, Karen Kahle, did a trunk show of her rugs. Here are some pictures of the rugs. They were simply beautiful in person, but hope you can see them and imagine how wonderful they were. I love the colors she uses in her rugs. It makes the rugs look very old and antique.

Wednesday: Most of the day was spent working on our class projects. Ginger and I finished our tote boxes, sewing book, jar lid and flower pin.
Ginger drew out some pumpkins, snowman, dog, sheep and punched them to make pins and more sewing books.  You know, she is very fast and had several things finished by the end of camp.  

Frank did a trunk show on Wednesday night, but I don't have pictures. I was helping take orders for some of his patterns. He is a great speaker and had everyone in stitches from his jokes.  He showcased each student's projects and had something to tell about each one. One of the ladies in class decided we all should wear wax lips to the show. Some of us had red lips and some of us had vampire teeth.
Ginger with her vampire teeth

Thursday: Our last day of camp. Some ladies worked on finishing their tote boxes while others punched more covers for sewing books, pins and such. Here is what Ginger did:
Ginger's adaptation of Frank's dog
 Frank also drew pictures for anyone that wanted one. He drew me a cat with Emma's name on the side. I plan on hooking it and putting it in her room.
 We also celebrated Frank's birthday. He will be 69 years young today(Friday).

The dolls were made by most of the ladies in class. Frank had drawn a small doll pattern on Monday. So Monday night/Tuesday morning(1:00am) we decided to make one. When we brought them to class on Tuesday, everyone wanted to make one. At the trunk show on Wednesday, Frank showed them and he had a little story for each one. So late Wednesday night, Kala(fellow student)suggested we make a garland of the small dolls to give Frank for his birthday. When the garland was presented to him, he was overwhelmed.

This was one of the most fulfilling and rewarding classes I have ever taken. Frank is such a giving person and he was always telling us ways to do things.  I came away from his class with so many new ideas and ways of doing things.

On our way home, Thursday afternoon, he even called to check to see how we were doing. This morning (Friday) he called about 10:30am to make sure we made it home OK.  Said he had several students that left on Thursday and were driving at night and wanted to be sure they got home. I just can't say enough of how much fun I had this week. It is a class I will not soon forget.

Well, tomorrow I will post pictures of rugs from the rug show. There were some beautiful rugs brought by the students from all the classes. So until tomorrow, have a good evening.



  1. What a wonderful fun time you two had.
    Love all the projects you did.
    Loved Karen's style rugs, they do look antique.
    Frank would be a great one to learn from it looks like.

  2. Oh Patijane - sounds like you guys had a wonderful time! I'm so envious - would have loved to be there! Always admired Frank! I bet he was a barral of laughs! Sounds like you had fun and learned bunches. I took a class from KK - aren't here rugs even more antiquey in person!

  3. PatiJane! It does look & sounds like you both had the most awesome time! Thank you for sharing all the details. I'll be watching for more. :)

  4. Yes, Joanne. Her rugs are even better looking in person. She does such beautiful designs.

  5. I enjoyed each and every minute of the trip. Thanks for going with me and driving. We made so many wonderful memories. We will be talking about all the fun we had for years to come! :)Ginger