Sunday, October 24, 2010

Productive Weekend!!!

Well, this weekend was me time. Jeff was busy working at the shop, rearranging things, and Emma was spending time with her other Grandma and Grandpa. I did my errands early Saturday morning and got home just before the wind and rain hit. I spent the afternoon watching football and sewing, hooking and finishing up some things. So sit back and take a look at all I got done.  I was so happy!!!!!
Yuletide Treasures from Need'l Love Holly Threads
Tidings of Peace from Need'l Love Holly Threads
 I am doing a Saturday Sampler BOM with the quilt shop in Hennessey, OK, Prairie Quilt. I had picked the Aunt Gracie fabrics but then liked the Civil War fabrics also, so am doing both. What was I thinking??? I haven't been since July so I am behind. I hope to go to the shop this week and get my packets and get caught up.

This is my House Blessing 2010 Rug Project from LJ Fibers. I am also behind on it but hope to get caught up in the next couple of weeks.

Some stitcheries for upcoming show. Just need to sew backing and stuff.
Winter Gatherings from Need'l Love Holly Threads

Guess you can tell that I really like this book. There are lots of great patterns in it and still have more to do.

This posting would not be complete without some pictures of Emma. I do get to spend a lot of time with her.  Every day during the week and usually one day of the weekend. She turned 3 months old on October 13 and Ashlee had some pictures made. This was one of my favorites.
This is her farm girl look. My friend, Ginger, Primitives by the Light of the Moon, gave her the denim jumper. I think the Mary Jane socks finish the outfit.
Today, Jeff and I went for a Sunday drive. Very nice and relaxing. Some color changing of the leaves. We still have not had our first frost. It was a nice way to spend some of the day.

Hope everyone has a great upcoming week. Enjoy your time with family and friends and always give someone a smile. You never know how that one little gesture can make someone's day.



  1. Awesome work Patijane - I was tired looking at all you have done! My goodness woman! I don't know how you have time to slee!

  2. WOW Patijane! What accomplishments you made with all your projects. I am so jealous! even when I have the time, I don't get that much done. Good job! And they are all wonderful!
    Emma is just the cutest :). How blessed you are to have so much time to spend with her. Enjoy every minute, it will go so fast..

  3. All your wirk is wonderful...I've been carrying my copy of Holly Threads around with me for days...working on a small hooked mat and trying to decide what's next...

    oh Miss Emma is a delight! love the playtime photo...

  4. Pati, am so very glad you were able to work on those beautiful projects. And glad you & Jeff had some time together relaxing on a Sunday drive. The weather today was just great. Happy to see so many neat projects & that beautiful little Emma on your blog.

  5. That sweet little Emma sure can make a person smile! Love all the projects you have finished and in progress too! The Yuletide treasures was the second applique I ever stitched up! I still have it too!

  6. Emma is getting cuter by the day. Love seeing all your projects as well. I especially love the Yuletide Treasures.

  7. Thank you for all the comments. Joanne, wish I didn't have to sleep. Think I could get so much more done. Kelley,lots more projects I would like to do out of other Need'l Love books. And yes, Emma can sure make you smile. She is growing so fast, but I am enjoying every single minute with her. She does like to be in my sewing room, so someday we can sit together and stitch or sew.