Wednesday, November 3, 2010

November already, where has the year gone!!!

Well it is the 3rd of November and before you know it Thanksgiving will be here. I just love this time of the year. The fall weather here in Oklahoma has been perfect. The leaves are starting to turn and the evenings are getting cooler.

I still haven't done any rughooking. I did finish two wool applique mats for the new venture I am doing with my friend,  Ginger. We are renting space in Auntie Mae's Antiques, one of the antique malls in Purcell, OK. We spent Tuesday setting up our display, arranging and rearranging our "stuff". I forgot my camera but Ginger took some pictures. We still have some more things to do to it, but it is looking great so far.
I didn't get any Halloween pics posted this past weekend of Emma so here are some taken on Saturday. Ashlee had a frufru pumpkin costume made for Emma and had a friend's Mom meet her at the park on Saturday to take pics. Emma did OK for a little while but I think the costume was too much for her.  So enjoy! Next year she will be walking and enjoying trick or treat time, I'm sure.
I took this today(Wednesday)Think she still didn't care for the costume
These were taken on Saturday at the park

Emma was fascinated with the pumpkins
Trying a recipe I found online to cook chicken and dumplings in the slow cooker. Guess it's about time to check and see if they came out OK. Well let you know the verdict.
Have a great rest of the week and hope your weather has been as good as it has been here in Oklahoma.



  1. Emma's costume is just adorable. She is just so sweet & the photos in the park are really cute of her & Ashley.
    Your booth is looking really good. Hope you & Ginger sell lots of goodies. AND the chicken & dumplings sounds pretty yummy.

  2. Can I have your weather?? It's been so cold here in Pa. I'm not ready for it to stay....
    Soo happy for you and Ginger PatiJane! Wishing you both great success!!
    Emma is just darling and love that costume. Some beautiful shots you got!!
    Hope your chicken and dumplings was a hit!

  3. Congrats on your new venture with Ginger! Love the fru fru punkin' costume on Emma! Great pics in the park too! :-)

  4. Pati, I love to read about all the creative things you do and I love to see your pictures of Emma. She is absolutely precious. I think she looks alot like Ashlee when she was a baby. I know that you and Jeff are enjoying being grandparents. Love you guys.

  5. Emma is so beautiful. I am sure she brings you so much joy.

  6. My goodness Emma is so cute in that outfit! Great pictures at the park....she is sure getting big!