Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday Morning

Well, it's early Sunday morning and I can't sleep so decided to write on my blog. I have been busy working at my husband's office during the day, so my crafting time has been limited. Hope to work on some rughooking later today. I did finish my turkey project. It is hooked on a piece of wool and then the feathers are proddy. I bought the kit at the Lenexa hook-in from Anita White's booth. It was really fun to do and now I want to try to do some other hooking projects on a wool background.

I have updated my LemonPoppySeed shoppe, so if you have time check it out at:

Enjoy your day and keep smiling.



  1. Love your turkey & bunny! Very sweet Pati! :)

  2. Your turkey turned out so well! Looks like you got the hang of proddy.

  3. I love that turkey!!! Great colors! Wonderful bunny too!! SMILES, Cathy