Monday, May 3, 2010

What an enjoyable....

weekend I spent with family and friends.  Saturday was spent with Jeff(my husband).  First, we went to the Savage Quilter to buy fabric for the baby bedding I have volunteered to make. They were having an end of the bolt sale..40% off if you bought the whole bolt. Ashlee had found some bedding she liked on this website, sweetpeachesbedding and asked me if I could make it. So as any mother would do, I said of course. Never made anything like this before, but am going to try.  Will post the results at a later time.  After the quilt shop, we stopped at the Kolache Kitchen for breakfast and headed to El Reno for the Burger Day Festival.
The day is spent cooking an onion-fried hamburger that weighs about 750lbs.  We walked around and admired the cars in the car show, looked at crafts, and listened to a couple of bands playing.

 We hit the road again around 1pm, heading south.  We took the scenic roads.... you know, the old 2-lane highways that go thru the towns. Everything is nice and green and it was a very nice drive. We ended up in Chickasha, OK and ate a late lunch at Jake's Barbeque.  The barbeque was delicious; the servings were huge; and we brought enough home for two more meals. We headed home and spent the evening with family.
Sunday was Ashlee's baby shower given by her best friend, Lisa.
 Ashlee, and baby-to-be, Emma, received a lot of nice things, especially clothing. This baby will have plenty of clothes to wear for awhile. She even received a baby wipe warmer. I had never seen one, and surely didn't have one of those when I had my children. Ashlee's  Aunt Louise, got it for her. She had used one for her granddaughter and said it was the best thing ever.
I didn't get a picture of the last gift Ashlee received. Her Aunt Sharon made her the most beautiful wooden rocking horse. She painted it white and decorated it with pinks and black, like the crib bedding. It was gorgeous. I will take a picture and post it later.  Well that was my weekend...lots of fun and family time.  What could be better than that!!!!!!

Week ahead will be a busy one.  I have some work to do at the office for a couple of days. My one indulgence(besides buying wool and rughooking patterns), a pedicure, on Tuesday. My birthday is Thursday and I'm going to celebrate with a margarita and Mexican food..yum.  On Friday, I am taking a hand applique class, learning Baltimore Basics, at the Savage Quilter. I'm excited about the class. I have two applique quilts I want to do in the future so this class will give me the confidence to tackle them.

Wishing everyone a great week ahead. Enjoy the warm days and beautiful sunshine.  Tell someone you love them and always wear a smile. 



  1. Sounds like a wonderful day spent out and about - What a beautiful daughter and congrats on becoming a grandma!

  2. Thank you, Joanne. I am so excited. Can't wait for July to get here.

  3. Looks like you had a most wonderful weekend and Ashlee looks so nice. I'm sure your sewing for the baby's room will turn out perfect! ~~~ Happy Birthday ~~~~

  4. You have been enjoying each day to the fullest! Love the third car down from the top. I think it's a chevy? Ashlee is glowing! Looking forward to seeing that rocking horse! And Happy Birthday to you!!! Maybe when Thursday comes along I'll have Mexican food and a margarita here in joisey so's I can celebrate with you! ;-) Enjoy your applique class!

  5. Thanks for the birthday wishes. Sharon, that is a Chevy Super Sport. Red is not a favorite color of mine, but these cars were awesome. The Super Sport was my favorite too. I will be thinking of you on Thursday while enjoying my Mexican food and margarita. You and Ginger have a great week.

  6. Ashlee certainly is glowing. She is gorgeous. Not sure how she could walk in those tall wedge shoes though. Guess one has to be young and in good shape to do that.
    You do have a way of doing the most fun & your sweet hubby.
    Know you will have a wonderful birthday, dear friend!!