Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Lots of things have been happening. Where to begin......
Since the last post, Nick finished finals in DC and came last weekend( May 15)to visit before going to Lima, Peru for a 10-week internship.  We had a family get-together and cook-out on Sunday, May 16.  There was lots of good food and family time.
Nick and Grandma Fletcher

Nick and Aunt Sharon
He went back to DC on Tuesday, May 18 and left for Lima, Peru on Monday, May 24. He will be back home in OKC on August 14 to see his new niece. Heads back to DC on August 18 for one more year of school. He will graduate in May 2011 with his Masters in Business Administration and Masters in Foreign Service. 

I finished piecing my blocks from the hand applique class I took. Here are the last three blocks. Hope to get them stitched soon.

Rest of the week was spent packing for the Star of Texas Rug Camp in Tyler, Texas. Ginger and I left on Sunday, May 23 for Tyler, Texas.  The car was packed to the brim. I don't think we left anything behind....lol
We arrived on Sunday afternoon, ready to unpack our rughooking supplies and get busy rughooking. We met Jo, a friend on AAPG ebay group.  

Lots of great teachers and wool all around the huge room. 

I am taking the class with Maria Barton of Star Rug Company.  Each student spent time with Maria color planning a rug to hook during the camp.  Ginger is doing the "Little Drummer Boy".

Well it is late, late and I better get some rest so I can work on my rug. Will post more pics tomorrow.  



  1. Everyone is smiling!!! It's a great place to be!!!

  2. Oh wow Patijane, it looks like a wonderful time so far!! Please keep us updated :).
    How proud you must be of your son. He is a cutie!! What an accomplishment on his part. Safe travels and praying for a safe return from his trip!

  3. Great Pictures, I love the applique work. I have a Son in law that went to Peru on a covert mission for the church.
    Looks like you and Ginger had a great time in Tyler Texas.

  4. You are one proud Momma & for good reasons too. :) Praying for a safe trip to Peru for Nick.

    Beautiful works as always!

    Looks like GREAT fun in Texas!!! :)

  5. Woohoo!!! I know you guys are having a BLAST!!! Cant wait to see more pictures! LOL!
    I just love Ginger's smile :D

  6. Your son is so handsome & I know you are proud of him.
    The quilt blocks really turned out beautifully~love the colors you used.
    You & Ginger sure did load up lots of things but it does take lots of stuff when going for several days of rug hooking. And will be even more so when you return with all your goodies. Enjoy yourselves.

  7. How wonderful to spend the week with you and Ginger! Looking forward to seeing you at Sauder Next August.2011 If we put all our finished rugs together we couldn't keep up with the super hooker! Thanks for everything!