Saturday, May 29, 2010

Rughooking Camp

Well, Ginger and I made to camp and it was AWESOME!!!!!!!! I was going to post each evening on the things we did, but it just didn't happen.  So I will try and tell you all about it now.

We met Maria Barton, our teacher for the week,  on Sunday evening. She was supposed to get there at 10:30am but did not arrive until after 10pm. You know how the airlines are...delays, missed connections, etc., but she finally did arrive.

First day of class...color planning the rug picked to hook. Numbers were drawn and each student spent time with Maria picking wools for the rugs. I was #11. My turn came and Maria helped me pick colors for my rug.  I spent the rest of the day, hooking and unhooking...just couldn't seem to get the effect I wanted from the rug. Finally did click and here is a picture of my rug in progress.

I was not as fast as my friend, Ginger, who finished 2 rugs and started 2 more during the rughooking camp.

Tuesday was more rughooking and visiting and shopping. Class is over at 3:30pm each day and we headed to the quilt shop, Nimble Thimble. Great selection of hand dyed and as is wool and books. Wonderful quilting fabric also.

Ginger looking for new books to buy.

After shopping at the quilt store we went to Dairy Queen, our favorite place for ice cream, since we don't have them in Oklahoma anymore. Of course, we did eat a hamburger before having a large dipped cone.
Jo and Ginger walking into Dairy Queen.

Wednesday was spent hooking on our rugs and then in the afternoon shopping for wool from the other teachers. 

It was also the rug show. What an amazing group of ladies at the camp and the rugs were amazing.  Here are pictures of some of the rugs:

For Betty,  Maggie Bonanomi's rug.

Well, guess I better get back outside and help with yard work. Watch for more rugs and the last day of camp.  Stay cool and enjoy your weekend.
Happy Memorial Day!!!!!



  1. Oh it was soooo much fun can't wait until the next camp! Friends, Wool, Rug Hooking, and Dairy Queen just so much fun packed into 5 days a rug hookers dream come true!!!!

  2. Love all the pictures you shared - thanks for doing that! I leave in one week for my rug camp and I'm getting pretty excited about it. I have the pattern, and I think I have all my wool picked out - we'll see what the teacher thinks - LOL!

  3. OMG you all looked as tho you had a great time.
    Love the rug you are working on. The landscape rugs are wonderful and the colorful farm animals are so cute.
    Happy you had a great time.

  4. Oh Pati! :) It must have been so much fun! Ya, I know I've said that AT LEAST a dozen times now... but hey, I must'a! :) Thanks for sharing the the fun & the rug photos... thanks for the head's up about Maggie's rug too! I love the colors of your rug. It is gonna be a dandy!! :)



  5. That picture of Ginger with the PILE of wool in her hands is priceless!!! :-) Love all the rugs from the show, especially Maggie B's and that barnyard one is a hoot! I do wish I lived closer to that quilt shop you were in! One stop shopping for all of my vices! LOL! ;-)

  6. Oh wow oh oh wow oh wow - you guys look like you had so much amid all that wool! Thanks for posting all the pics of the great rugs!

  7. You guys are so lucky to get together and have so much fun.
    Love the piece you are working on.


  8. You did a great job writing about rug camp, I still need to post more pics and write about the experience too. :) Hope to see an update on your home rug sometime soon.

    There was wool on nearly every wall! Ginger and Pati Jane chose some really awesome ones.