Friday, December 25, 2009

Wow, what a Christmas Eve!!!!

As predicted by the weatherman, we ARE having a white Christmas starting today.  I could hear the wind howling and rain hitting the north window of our bedroom around 4am.  It wasn't cold enough to freeze yet.  At 8am the wind was still blowing 30mph and above and the rain was beginning to sound like  little ice pellets, but still around 35 degrees.  Nick, Jeff and I still needed to get stocking stuffers so we decided to brave the weather and go to the store.  The roads weren't too bad, but the visibility was next to nothing.

We made it to the store, got our shopping done and back home within 2 hrs.  Then Nick decided he needed to mail a package so we got back out and headed to the post office about 4 miles away.  Well this trip was a little more challenging.  The wind was still blowing and it was now snowing.  Drifts were starting to form on the roads and cars were getting stuck. 

Now, I know some people who read this blog are used to this kind of weather.  Well, Oklahoma does not usually get this kind of weather.  They were calling it a "white out".  I have lived here my whole life and never have seen anything like this.  We did finally get to the post office and back home.

Once home, we found that our cable/internet was not working.  Called the company and said they were experiencing an outage in our area and were working on it.  Brrrrr...dedicated technicians.   Nick and Jeff watched a DVD.   I went to the sewing room. This was the view out of the window in front of my sewing machine.
I checked the cable around 10pm and it was back on so decided to post.

I did some baking again yesterday (Wednesday). Nick wanted to send some cookies to a friend in New York City.  Made Mexican wedding cakes, chocolate pecan fudge, spritz cookies and snickerdoodles.  Ashlee made some peanut butter fudge also.  Never had any before and it sure was good.

Also made cutout sugar cookies, but did not get them frosted.  May just have to eat them unfrosted.

Well, the wind is still blowing and it is cold, cold.  The heater is working ovetime.  We have snowdrifts all around the house.  I stepped out the back door and took a picture on the south side of the garage.  Impressive for Oklahoma. The other picture was from this afternoon when we got home from the post office.


Well, it is now Christmas day in Oklahoma.  Hope everyone has a beautiful Christmas day.  I know here in Oklahoma a lot of people did not make it to their destinations for Christmas because of the weather. Today is supposed to be clear, just very, very cold.  Hope those that can will be able to have Christmas with their loved ones.  Stay warm and safe.

Christmas blessings to all.....patijane


  1. Merry Christmas to you Patijane! Stay warm and toasty in your house!

  2. Merry Christmas to you and your family Patijane! Those pictures are beautiful and eerie all at once, specially since you live in Oklahoma! Enjoy the peace that a fresh fallen snow brings... and stay safe and warm!

  3. Merry Christmas Patijane - Wow what a storm - so glad you are all safe and warm!

  4. Patijane,
    It can be am mess, but there is something about being home on Christmas, surrounded by white and cold, that makes it all that more special. Glad to see that you and your family are home safe.


  5. glad you are tucked in safe and warm...seeing the photos on the news of Oklahoma am glad you were not on the road for long...even if it was just little trips...too scary...

    Merrt Christmas my friend...2009 was a great year for making new friends~~~

  6. This Christmas was one we will remember for sure. The combination of that wind with the snow was something else. Made some mighty deep drifts for sure. Enjoyed reading about your Christmas Eve day adventures.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family. And looking forward to a wonderful New Year.