Monday, December 7, 2009

Happy Monday!

Hope everyone has had a good Monday so far.  Mine has been unproductive.  I had big plans for today but most of them didn't happen. 

Jeff is in a CPE seminar today and tomorrow so thought I would do some housecleaning in the morning and shopping in the afternoon.  I did get the bathrooms cleaned and a load of laundry done but that was it.  Jeff came home for lunch and then headed back for the afternoon session.  Ashlee came by and we went to the grocery store...ugh..I do not like grocery shopping, but needed to pick up a few things today because the weatherman says tomorrow is going to be icy.  It was very crowded and I was glad to be done and head home.  Ashlee and I decided to do Christmas shopping another day.

If the weather does get bad, I will do my Christmas decorations around the house.  A very good reason to stay in and keep warm. 

I belong to the most wonderful ebay group, full of the most wonderful girls.  We did a Secret Santa swap and here are all the goodies I received from my Secret Santa, Ginger.  I was overwhelmed by her generosity.  She is the sweetest person you will ever meet.  Thank you Ginger for such a great pan of goodies.

Have a great evening and stay warm.



  1. PatiJane, Sorry your day was unproductive. I know how that is lol. Been posting about it for some time. BUT today was a good day for me for a change. Managed to find my kitchen table and counter! The glare is enough to blind ya lol. Forgot what it was like! Hoping tomorrow is better for you.
    Love your goodies from Ginger!

  2. Some days we get lots done, some days not so much. Yes,I agree with you about Ginger. She is a very generous, sweet and very talented are you.