Monday, December 14, 2009

Back to the cold!

Well, we made it back home from our quick trip to San Antonio this past weekend. 

We left Austin TX this morning.  We stopped at IKEA and ate lunch and looked around for about 30 minutes.  Jeff was ready to get on the road to home.  Temperature in Austin was about 60 degrees.  As we traveled north, it got warmer.  We stopped for gas at Waco TX and the temperature was 75 degrees.  Actually had to turn on the air conditioner for awhile.

Well, when we got into Oklahoma temperature had dropped to 48 degrees and by the time we got home to Oklahoma City,around 7:30pm, the temperature was 28 degrees. Brrrrrr.......  But I am not complaining because I like it to be cold during the holidays.  Just wish we could have snow.  The weatherman is saying not much of a chance this year.  I hope he is wrong.

We stopped in Purcell OK on the way home to drive thru the Christmas lights they have put up around Purcell Lake.  Really, really pretty lights.  I took some pictures with my camera on my phone, but can't seem to get them transferred to my computer, so when I figure it out I will post them.

My  Mom leaves on Wednesday for Brussells, Belgium.  She will be spending 3 weeks with my sister and her family.  My son, Nick, will be home on Thursday, Dec 17 for Christmas holidays.  Ellena and her family will be home Dec 23 for Christmas holidays.  I just saw all of them at Thanksgiving, but can't wait to see them again.  Ashlee, the only child that is still living in Oklahoma, and I are planning on making our Christmas goodies..cookies, candies, and breads this Friday.  Can't wait..she loves to cook.  She has some new recipes for us to try...yum yum...

Well, I  hope everyone has a great week and lots of holiday fun.  Christmas wishes to everyone.



  1. Patijane - not sure if this will work with your phone but on mine - i just email them from my phone to email account on my computer - so if you are capable of sending text messages and pictures from one phone to another then do it like that but instead of the phone number type in the email address. Good luck. Sounds like you hit all kinds of weather! Glad you had a good time!

  2. Glad to hear you made it home safe! 60 is good, 75 is pushing it in the heat department! LOL! Enjoy your up and coming festivities!!! Hugs ~Sharon

  3. Cooking Christmas goodies with your daughter...WHAT FUN. Know you both will enjoy your time together.