Saturday, August 15, 2009

Alas, almost time to go home!

Well, the last 10 days in DC with Nick have flown by, but I have enjoyed every minute. I have managed to get most everything unpacked and in its place. I have cleaned and recleaned several times. In my previous blog, I talked about the fire sprinkler problems. They started fixing the holes in the ceiling on Friday and said I needed to be out of the apartment while they did that so I was gone all Friday afternoon. Came back, no work done. Then said they would do it on Saturday; said we would be gone all day; got home around 8pm...a few holes patched but not finished. So I leave Monday to go back home and Nick leaves for Munich, Germany and won't be back until August 26. So who knows what will happen. Anyway, so much for that.

I have visited some neat places while here. Nick took me to St Michaels, Maryland last weekend. This was an awesome bridge we crossed to get there. It was so high in the air and really, really long. The town is by water, I think the Chesapeake River and it has antique shops and good eating places. We spent the day walking around looking at the shops. Ate at little restaurant that had awesome food.
Today, we toured George Washington's homeplace, Mount Vernon. It was so big. The house has been restored and the rooms are furnished like the house was in 1799. That was the year that George Washington died. My favorite part was the covered the entire length of the house in back and has an awesome view of the Potomac River.We walked thru the gardens and saw the vault where he and Martha are buried. We went thru the museum on the grounds and learned a lot of great facts about his life.

We left Mount Vernon and headed to Alexandria, Virginia to visit old town.
I just love the colonial rowhouses. I like the big, tall windows and the front doors. They each have their own unique style and look so inviting. Some have small courtyards in front with all kinds of flowers and shrubs. We walked several blocks looking at houses and shops. Stopped and had frozen custard and then decided to head back to DC.

I have had a wonderful time here with my son, Nick , but I think it is probably time to head home. I think my husband and daughter might just miss me a little.

So, I hope everyone has a good rest of the weekend.



  1. Pati, enjoyed the pics you posted. Sounds like you have had a really nice time with your son. You probably are about ready to be back home also. But what a trip you have had!! Looking forward to hearing more about it.

  2. Thanks for sharing all those wonderful pictures. I'm glad you had some time to visit with Nick. Wishing you a safe flight home!!!

  3. Alexandria is a beautiful town. Sounds like you had a wonderful time visiting your son. Maybe next time we can meet when you visit. I am only an hour and half drive south of dc :)