Monday, November 7, 2011

Was that the house shaking?


Well, I never thought about being in an earthquake and surely, never thought one would happen in Oklahoma. But early Saturday morning, around 2:15am, I experienced one.  I have a craft show this weekend, Nov 11 and 12, so I was finishing up some projects when it happened.  It sounded like the wind had started blowing really, really hard. The roof was creaking and then the windows started rattling. The dishes in the cabinet were rattling when I went to see what  was happening outside. I thought a storm was coming.  Didn't last very long and when I tried to wake up Jeff, he just rolled over.  Told him I thought we had just had an earthquake. He looked up and said ok and went back to sleep. Had the TV on, but nothing on about it. Such a spooky feeling, I couldn't go to sleep so stayed up until about 4am. Did get a lot done, though ((-:

Saturday night about 11pm it happened again, only this time I knew what it was.  When it started Jeff looked at me with a puzzled look.  I told him it was another earthquake. This one lasted longer than the first one. Anyway, it was a scary feeling to feel the house shake and things rattle and move. 

Today, we have been under a tornado watch.  There was some tornadoes in southwest Oklahoma this afternoon that did damage some homes and businesses. Didn't hear about any injuries so hopefully everyone was in their hidey holes during the storms.  Never know what might happen here in Oklahoma.

Be sure and sign up for my giveaway. You can read about it in my previous post.  Drawing will be on Sunday, November 13. 

Enjoy the week ahead!



  1. Stay safe girlfriend! I haven't felt any of the earthquakes here, but it has been on our local news that they could be felt. Weird!

    Have fun at the craft show. I know your girls will do great!

  2. It really is an eerie feeling when everything starts to move around you... glad everyone stayed safe..... guys sleep through everything!!!! lol!