Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Still Raining!!

Well, it is Tuesday afternoon and still dreary outside and wet. The grass is really green, but it is almost a foot tall. But the rain is much needed, so no complaints from me. It keeps me inside and doing things that would not normally get done if the weather was nice outside.
Tomorrow is my birthday and I am flying to Cary, North Carolina with my Mom for my niece's college graduation on Saturday. So, since I am going to be gone, Ashlee, Nick and their Dad, surprised me with gifts and lunch. Also included was Mother's Day gifts. I knew they wouldn't forget, just thought they would wait until I came back. But it was really nice and I enjoyed lunch..Mexican..my favorite.

I finished quilting a Halloween quilt that I had pieced about a year ago. It turned out pretty good. I am still pretty new at machine quilting, but it was a good quilt to practice on.
Also been doing a little rughooking. I finished two of four scenes. They aren't very big and went pretty fast. I think I will try to find an old window with four panes and use it as a frame.
Well guess I better go. Need to finish packing for my trip and do some house cleaning before I leave. Have a great rest of the week and do something fun with your family.



  1. Pati, your Halloween quilt looks really pretty. How nice of your family to surprise you for your birthday and Mother's Day before taking off on your trip. Your hooked rugs are sure neat and would look great in an old window frame.
    Enjoy your trip.

  2. Happy Birthday to YOU! Hope you have a fun trip with your Mom. I'll look forward to seeing you when you return!