Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Well, it did really drop below freezing here last night. I can't believe this is April. I like the cold and all, but I am ready for spring to be here. I want to play in the dirt and plant flowers. I am ready to be outside more. I guess all good things come in time though.

I haven't been too creative this week. Have been a little under the weather. But today I am feeling somewhat better so maybe those creative juices will begin to flow again.

My son, Nick, is going to school in Washington DC and ran in the Cherry Blossom run this past Sunday. His first official run..10 miles..finished 1 hr 39 minutes which he was very proud of. He said the cherry blossoms are in full bloom and they look and smell wonderful.
Wishing everyone a great week and Happy Easter. Enjoy time with your family and friends this week. Do something nice for someone you don't know. Always keep smiling.



  1. Pati, you should be able to go "play" in the dirt now that we should have had the last hard freeze. Warmer weather will be here soon. Now if the wind will just slow down a bit, we could have a nice day. Congratulations to Nick for his run time!
    Keep up your creative-ness! Your items on the poppy shop look great.

  2. Hope your feeling better today. Surely spring will come and stay soon. Wish my ol' knees would let me run again even for 1/4 of a mile! Congrats to Nick on his time.

  3. Love seeing the cherry blossoms in Washington. We live an hour away and have been down there to see them in the past.

    It's colder here too...where did the spring weather go? I can't wait til it returns as my beds are ready to go...just need to plant some annuals and then watch them grow.

    Running any distance is an accomplishment. Congats to your son.


  4. Hi Pati! This is Nick's friend Erin. He showed me your blog (as I was busy posting to my own), and I love it! Your various Easter products on the website are really cute. Thanks for sharing Nick with us this Easter; it was really fun to catch up! Hope you had a nice Easter, and good luck with the last few days of tax season...