Friday, December 2, 2011

Road Trip to Canton TX...First Monday Trade Days

Well,  this was our starting point on Friday at Canton TX, First Monday Trade Days. 
This was our first time to be here and there was so much to see. We started at 8am. Stopped for lunch at 12:30. Did more shopping and left about 2pm.  
We didn't even put a dent in seeing all that was available, but needed to head back home and decided there would definitely be more trips to First Monday in the future. 
I came home with some old wooden bobbins and silver spoons.
Scrabble tiles, an old oil can and a glass star ornament for the Christmas tree.

Our trip began on Thursday morning driving to Lindale TX to meet with Jeff's niece, Donna and her husband, Wendell. We got there about 11:30am.
Jeff talked business with them and then we went to lunch.  We said our good-byes and the fun part of our trip began.

We drove to Mineola, TX and spent the afternoon browsing the many antique stores there.
I liked this shop the best.  Lots of vintage items.
I found cookie cutters, vintage glass Christmas tree ornaments and
a Scrabble game with lots of tiles.
I'm going to use them to make some ornaments with old yardsticks.

The color of this shelf caught my eye. I could see lots of possibilities
but when I saw the price tag, $345, decided I would have to 
let it remain at the store.

We walked around to see some of the other sites. I snapped
a picture of this house because I liked the porch.
I'm sure in its early days it was spectacular.
We came across this hardware store. The window displays caught my eye.
We didn't get to go in though. It closed at 3pm. 
We missed it by 10 minutes.
We looked thru the window and it had lots of neat stuff, but was
also a delicatessen. Maybe next time we can go in.

We drove to Canton Thursday evening and 
found a bed and breakfast to stay at for the night.
Nice room with a king-size bed. 
View out the front door was the pool with a hot tub.
Too cool right now, but might go back next spring.

So that was our latest road trip. 
Ginger told me about a craft show
this weekend so will be checking it out Saturday morning.
Emma is coming over around 3pm on Saturday. 
Ashlee and Dom have a concert to go to.
Think Emma and I will get started on decorating for Christmas
The weatherman is calling for a snow here by Monday. 
Hope he is right. Would like to see some of that white stuff.

Ginger and I have opened an ETSY shop, 
so stop by and check it out.
Have a great weekend and do something fun!!!



  1. Wow you two did a lot in just a short amount of time. Sure hope your feeling better soon! I hope we get a little snow, too! Have fun with Emma she is sure to be a big help with the decorating :)

  2. Wow! You're always finding the greatest places! All those wagon's and tricycles in the window makes me want to camp out on the front porch and wait for the owner to open the store up! lol! The teal colored shelf caught my eye too... but, that price tag... ouch! Enjoy the snow! It always adds to the Christmas spirit! Oh... and one of my "dreams" is to own a home with a wrap around porch! :-)

  3. looks like a fun few days exploring!

  4. Glad to see you have some 'fogart' on your Etsy page. :-P

    Have you watched Etsy's video podcasts? They're pretty cool -- they had one on farm tables that I watched a few weeks ago. I'll send you the link!