Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sunday Funday!!

 An article in our newspaper last week sounded like a good place to visit on a Sunday, so Jeff and I headed to Lindsay, OK to the "Christmas Extravaganza" at the Murray-Lindsay Mansion. The mansion was built in 1879 by one of Lindsay's early pioneers, Irish immigrant, Frank Murray. It has been restored over the years and tours are offered in December to help defray the costs. 
We arrived and I decided this would be a great house to live in. It is three stories with a porch on the first floor and second floor. Each room on the first floor has a mantel that was decorated in different themes.
Reading Room

The Bishop's Room

The Parlor

The Dining Room
The kitchen seemed small compared to the rest of the house. Not too much storage space.

We headed to the second floor where the bedrooms and the only bathroom in the house is located. The bathroom was added in the 1900's.
Stairway to second floor
Hallway between the bedrooms
Each bedroom had a decorated Christmas tree. Two of the bedrooms had closets that were added the same time as the bathroom. However, no closet was added to the master bedroom. A clothes wardrobe was used instead.
Child's room

Walk-in closet
Teddy bear Christmas tree

What an unusual sewing chair. The tray pulls out from underneath.
Child's room      
Local musicians played during the tour
Headed to the third floor to view more decorated Christmas trees. 

This large room was at the front of the house on the third floor and I envisioned a wonderful sewing/rughooking studio.  There were three smaller rooms on this floor also.

The back of the house had a small porch off the kitchen.  There was also a basement that was not included in the tour.
I could see myself living in this house. 

Across the road was the Pike's Peak Schoolhouse. We walked over there to check out the craft show. I bought a couple of handmade Christmas ornaments.
The school was moved to this location according to one of the ladies at the school
What a great time we had at the Murray-Lindsay Mansion. We headed back to Oklahoma City, taking the scenic route, of course. Beautiful day for driving.

We went thru Chickasha, OK where the only Dairy Queen is located that is close to Oklahoma City.
Home of the dipped cone

So, guess what????? I told Jeff we just had to stop and have a dipped cone. YumYum...Ginger...I only got a small one, but I did enjoy it. Ginger, we will have to make a field trip soon so you can enjoy a dipped cone too for your birthday.

Well time to close. Have my yearly doctor's appointment tomorrow so guess I better get some rest. 

Enjoy your week!!!



  1. So when are you moving? That is a beautiful house for sure! We were at an auction last summer that had a sewing rocker just like that one. Unfortunately, I saw it after it sold. The big room with all the trees would make a neat studio. It looks like it might have been the ballroom before. And yes, those old houses always have small kitchens. I'm thinking they did that because they didn't entertain in the kitchens like we do today - so they saved space to decorate the formal dining rooms, gathering rooms, entries, and such. I can't imagine trying to clean or heat something so big... but they are so very pretty! :) Glad you had a fun day! Ice cream was the perfect topper for the day!

    Best wishes at your doc appointment.



  2. PatiJane, Your trip looks wonderful! :) I went to Purcell Saturday hoping to check out your booth only to completely miss it! :( I am so disappointed.. maybe I can go to Lindsay and check out the Murray-Lindsay mansion soon, it looks wonderful! I love the big white cabinet in the kitchen - looks wonderful and prim!
    Prim Blessings,

  3. What a gorgeous house! It would be so cool to live in a house like that!

  4. Pati, enjoyed your pics from the Lindsay & Chickasha excursion. That mansion would be a fun place to live with all that room. And I wouldn't need much room in the small kitchen anyway. That Dairy Queen is in the same location as when I was in high school many long years ago. Hope your doctor check up goes well.

  5. What a beautiful home. I would have thought the kitchen would be bigger in an old home.


  6. What a beauty of a house and they did a fabulous job restoring it!
    DQ dipped cones are one of my all time favorites and I'll take you on going over to Chickasha to get one!

  7. Ok Pati you have a booth in purcell oh I have not been that way in so long I love antiquing in purcell. My mom and youngest son live in Norman. will have to go that way soon. isn't the mansion in Lindsey great. We lived in Chickasha when I was a young girl. There is always something to visit in southern oklahoma. We are currently living at Lake Texoma. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas, and hoping the weather is not like it was last year!