Saturday, November 7, 2009

Fall leaves everywhere!

Well, it's about time to rake the leaves again! Jeff worked last Saturday (10-31) raking leaves from the yard, driveway and street and a week later it looks like this again. So we spent the biggest part of the day doing yard work. But the weather was beautiful. Temperature in the 70's and 10-15 mph wind and lots of sunshine.
Ashlee came by to walk on the treadmill and then fixed lunch for us. She is such a sweetie!!! I came in around 4pm. After a refreshing shower, I decided to get some Thanksgiving decorations out and set around the house.I set the pilgrims on the dining room table with the pumpkins and turkey. The ceramic man pilgrim will be moved to the kitchen area and will hold a small plant in his pot in the back.

When my children were small, I always tried to keep the things they made at school. These pilgrims and turkey were made by Ashlee when she was 7, so that makes them 17 years old. I guess next year when they turn 18 they can leave home.LOL. I just love them. The pilgrim man has that surprised look on his face and the pilgrim lady just sits there with a big grin. It looks like the turkey is trying to escape. They are sitting in a wooden bowl with vegetables made of wool felt. They are very special to me. Hope you all have some special memories like this. Our children grow up way too fast too soon.I made this pumpkin from sandcastle fabric and hand-dyed wools. It sits on the wooden bench by the front door. A reminder to always "be thankful". The pilgrim couple box holds little cloth pumpkins. It was made to hold candy, but I like the pumpkins in it.Oh, I also did an online scavenger hunt with my ebay group before I went outside to do yard work. You know, first things first :-). It was lots of fun and neat to see what the ladies participating found. Tomorrow we get new clues and get to look for some more stuff. I can't wait.

Wishing everyone a great rest of the weekend and spend some time outside if you can with your family and friends.



  1. Your Thanksgiving decorations are wonderful...epecially the ones made by your "little" ones, who are no longer so little. Yep, they grow up way too fast. And it is fun to keep some of the things they made as younsters. My two are in their forties and I still have some of their handiworks. Brings back lots of memories.
    Raking stuff!

  2. I figure the leaves will blow away eventually, lol.
    We have only one tree in our yard, but surrounded by trees from our neighbors, so they get to do the fun work;)


  3. Falling leaves everywhere just got to love Autumn!
    The handmade pilgrims sure brought some grins!